Team Aldous Turns Three

Not so long ago, I found myself accepting an invite from a total stranger – an invitation to review a restaurant. It was my first time to attend any event as a blogger and that night was the gateway to a whole new world. My usher? Aldous of Aldous Ate World.

From that night on, I would periodically receive messages from Aldous, telling me what to review next. Then one day, I got invited to the event that would eclipse all Aldous-hosted events: the third year anniversary of Team Aldous.

Catered food, photo booth, open bar and an unending supply of dessert. These were the main features of Aldous’ celebration. Of course, there were other cool treats like a celebrity host, a live band, that awesome girl who sang Secret Love Song so beautifully and Aldous and Manfred, another blogger, giving rapping a go.

Congratulations, Aldous for making this happen and more power to you! ^___^

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