Rogue Diaries: Holy-day Trip to La Union

Day Tour La Union

Doing a day trip to La Union is indeed possible. How? First and foremost: leave Manila at 3am or even earlier. Then, take the NLEX, SCTEX and the TPLEX. Five hours later, you’ll find yourself in Bauang, La Union (yes, this already includes an hour-long stopover at Petron NLEX for…

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Montero Diaries: Sampaguita Beach, Batangas

Sampaguita Beach Batangas

Once again Google fooled us into embarking on a “1 hour and 22 minute drive” from Alabang to a virgin beach in Batangas: Sampaguita Beach. Deducting the time we spent on getting some diesel and buying some additional food at the market, we spent a total of 3 hours on…

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Montero Diaries: Malabrigo Beach

Malabrigo Beach

Summer means outings and trips to the beach. Searching for “best beaches near Manila” in Google would lead you to the Malabrigo beach in Batangas. I know I have been reposting my old article about the disappointing Batangas beaches where we went to during the past couple of years. But…

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Singapore Trip 2013 (Part 1)

Singapore Trip 2013

It was already my third time to visit Singapore, my first Singapore trip was with my older sister, way back in 2009 while the second was with Moche in 2010.   Despite that, I still managed to experience several “firsts” during this trip. Foremost was that it was my first…

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Montero Diaries: Nuvali

montero diaries: nuvali

Today, I drove my mother, sisters, niece, nephew and boyfriend to Nuvali and I experienced a number of firsts, namely: navigating our narrow and tricycle-laden streets (drove up the curb as I was turning down a blind corner, too) highway driving (maximum speed ever at 80kph) and almost hitting a…

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Montero Diaries: Prologue

Monter Diaries: Prologue

Truth is, I never imagined myself buying a car.  Much less, driving a car.  I promised myself that I would only buy a car once I could also afford to hire a personal driver.  So, I had to make a big adjustment when my parents finally decided to get a…

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