Cebu: Post-Valentine’s Date 2013


The first time I went solo in my travels was when I went to Cebu last year.  And the whole time I was there I kept thinking, “Oh, how I wish Moche could see this.”  Now don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed my first stay there.  But I also…

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Halu, Cebu! (Part 4)

Altar of the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño

DAY 3 Happy birthday to me!  ^__^ My plan from the previous night had been to wake up early, go to the Basilica Minore for my birthday mass, go back to the hotel and take a taxi to the airport. However, after taking my sweet time in reconsidering my options,…

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Halu, Cebu! (Part 3)

Zubuchon Lechon Cebu

DAY 2 (No) Thanks to my very comfy hotel, I overslept. Check out: 4D3N Cebu Itinerary, Budget and Travel Tips My plans of going to Shangri-la Mactan went up in smoke. I was supposed to get up at 7am, take a taxi to Shangri-la and have myself some beach time.…

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Halu, Cebu! (Part 2)

Taoist Temple Parking Lot

DAY 1b After having lunch, it was already 1pm and I decided that it was already high time that I took a taxi to my hotel. I loved my hotel!  Many thanks go to JSY on that score because she was the one who recommended that place to me.  She…

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Halu, Cebu! (Part 1)

Cross of Magellan

I did it!  I conquered Cebu.  All by myself. It all started last year when we failed to go to Caramoan for my birthday.  I decided that I will have my birthday trip this year, no matter what happened.  And even if I had to do it alone. Check out:…

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