Enchanting El Nido Inland Tour

El Nido Inland Tour

It was my birthday and I just had to spend it somewhere special.  El Nido, Palawan was an obvious choice, given all its accolades from various sources affirming over and over how heavenly it is.  Planning was haphazard with me avoiding looking at photos – I didn’t want to look too…

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Exhilarating El Nido Island Hopping Tour C

El Nido Island Hopping Tour C

El Nido, Palawan.  The “Philippines’ last frontier”. Inspiration of the famous movie The Beach. Home of various European versions of the reality game show Survivor. Setting of Leg 12 of the Amazing Race 5. Location of the ending scenes of the fourth Bourne Legacy movie. Always included in lists that say “Most Beautiful Beaches” in the Philippines/Asia/the world.…

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Restaurant Review: Sweet Ecstasy

When Aldous told me we’d we reviewing Sweet Ecstasy, a burger and shake place in Makati, I got pretty excited. I like  burgers enough but it’s milkshakes I love. And with its location on Jupiter St, I was already thinking that it’s a very promising place. And I wasn’t wrong…

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Panagbenga Festival 2015

One of the many legacies that Spain left behind in the Philippines is the festivals.  Although most festivals started out as religious in nature, several festivals have come up during the last decades to celebrate other aspects of local life.  One of such festivals is the Panagbenga Festival or the…

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Sip and Gogh, Go, Go!

Sip & Gogh

I didn’t give it much thought when Jam told me we’re doing Sip and Gogh. I didn’t even research about it. I just knew that it would involve sipping something and painting something van Gogh. And after an almost hour-long ride to Capitol Hills, I finally found out that I…

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Nagsasa Cove Love

Nagsasa Cove Love Zambales Philippines

While everyone else was attentively watching the Pope make his rounds in the Philippines, I took the opportunity to finally visit one of the places I’ve been wanting to go to since I could remember: Nagsasa Cove. The Nagsasa Cove is one of Iba, Zambales’ no-longer secluded coves, the other…

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