Staycation at B Hotel, Alabang

Part of the allure of traveling is getting to stay at a new place and calling it “home” for at least a few days.  A self-imposed (pseudo) travel ban, new-job-related stress and Deal Grocer’s never-ending newsletters prompted me to try another staycation.  This time, I did a staycation at B Hotel in Alabang.  The location was my primary consideration – I wanted to experience Muntinlupa City as much as I can – and since it’s approximately 3 km away from where I live, it seemed like a good choice.  And because I read that the B hotel is part of the Bellevue brand, I just jumped at the opportunity and had myself a weekend staycation.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

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However, because I wasn’t being diligent about research again, I was surprised to find out that I wouldn’t be lounging in 5-star luxury.  Contrary to the Acacia Hotel Manila where I first had a taste of staycationing, I wasn’t prepared to spend the weekend in a 3-star hotel.  Don’t get me wrong – I love 3-star hotels.  I actively seek them out whenever I travel.  However, staying in one wasn’t really my idea for a weekend staycation so I would have to say that I was quite a bit disappointed.

The Good

The first thing that I liked about this hotel was the lobby.  The lobby was not too big but it looked really classy, unlike in most hotels of the same category.  Another thing was that the receptionists were very professional and courteous during my short interactions with them.  They had 5-star professionalism and it was really cool.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

hotel lobby

One really important thing that I noted was that there was a handheld bidet in the bathroom.  Hehe.  And there was a bathrobe and some slippers in the room, too.  I don’t normally see these in the hotels where I stayed at (except in Amaris Thamrin Hotel), so I think that’s a plus.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

I think the hotel had a good location because it was really peaceful there during my weekend stay.  Plus, there were lots of parking spaces available.  Aside from the hotel’s basement parking, there were lots of spots available around the block, too.  In addition, the hotel is a stone throw away from lots of eating places because the South Gate and Ayala Town Center are nearby.  A little bit further is the Festival Mall, too.

Lastly, one thing I enjoyed was the complimentary buffet breakfast.  There were plenty of choices and the coffee was delicious.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

carbo loading

The Bad

Upon entering the assigned room, what greeted me was the undeniable smell of cigarette smoke.  Which was really incredible.  It’s like the housekeeping forgot to spray odor neutralizer or something.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

Standard Room 1116

Next was the wi-fi.  I was given my username and password upon checking in but I could not get any signal inside the room.  I tried all the spots in the room but no signal.  I went out the corridor and still no signal.  I was only able to get a signal when I stood across the elevators.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

where wi-fi is accessible

The verdict

The B Hotel is a good enough hotel which has the requisite features of a 3-star hotel.  There is the option of staying in a room with a queen-sized bed or in one with 2 singles.  Their cable TV has plenty of channels to choose from and there is also a safe in the room.  The floor to ceiling windows give a expansive view of the city, but the quality is really dependent on where the room is facing.  The toiletries are okay, too.  There is even a hairdryer if you’d need one.  There is also a small bar with some food and drinks available (but the prices seemed 5-star to me).  All in all, I would recommend the B Hotel for travelers who are looking for a place to rest their weary heads.  But not really for staycationers hunting for a bite of comfort and luxury.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

dining area

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

the view

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang

the bar

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang


***All photos were taken using iPhone 5.


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  1. I was able to stay at B Hotel for Condura 2 years ago and I did have a nice experience there.

  2. I have never been to Alabang. Must be an nice option if I want to spend the night there. Not much of a view but at least I still see trees. 😀

  3. This hotel looks uh-mazing, but when I read that you could feel the smell of cigarette in the room, I was shocked…how can they make such mistake in a hotel like this? 🙂 I loved this post!

    • Thanks, Tory. I was a bit bummed about that… but you know our sense of smell gets used to odors fast. I think I was more disappointed about the wi-fi… Hahaha!

  4. Me and my family, loves staycation like this! Hope to do it again very soon! Nice hotel! :))

  5. This post made me wonder how easy or hard it is to remove the smell of cigarette smoke in a room. Opening the windows might help as well as spraying air fresheners but not quickly, right?

  6. But the room looks good though! Even if it smelled cig. Sayang, almost perfect.

  7. waow waow i want a go there… very2 amazing! thanks 🙂

  8. B Hotel looks relatively nice! Sayang nga lang you didn’t get to enjoy it to the fullest because of the shortcomings.

  9. The smell of cigarette upon entering a hotel room is not a good way to start a staycation. If it was my family, we would’ve changed rooms. But it seems like an OK place for a quick stay 🙂

    • Right on! It wasn’t much of a staycation because of that. Plus there was no wi-fi. I wasn’t able to hole up in the room.

  10. such a stylish hotel! i love the exterior

  11. I’m very far from Alabang, but I would like to try this if I have the chance to go there and have a staycation. Too bad about the room though, they should’ve sprayed some odor neutralizer. 🙂

  12. wow!! this really a nice place for staycation!

  13. 3 star hotels can actually be nice , sometimes the staff is a bit more relaxed and natural then in 5 star but no question about it there’s something special about a five star hotel and there’s usually a clear difference in the quality of the amenities. Looks however like you made a good deal for a 3 star only 🙂

  14. Your review shows the pros and cons of B Hotel Alabang 🙂 Well, it looks good to try my staycation there as well someday 🙂

  15. How many days did you stay there and how much did you spend? I know this place, I’ve passed by it 3 times during my sales walk.

  16. I hope I can afford their price 🙂 I would love to stay there 🙂

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