Sip and Gogh, Go, Go!

I didn’t give it much thought when Jam told me we’re doing Sip and Gogh. I didn’t even research about it. I just knew that it would involve sipping something and painting something van Gogh. And after an almost hour-long ride to Capitol Hills, I finally found out that I was in for a lot of fun.

Jam got there on time but Pril and I arrived a bit late so when we got there, everyone had already started. Our schedule was at 4pm but Sip & Gogh starts their sessions on time. We had to catch up quick!

We were supposed to do a painting called “Sakura View”. It first started as a two-inch thick red paint across the canvas, then later on blended with white. It was super nakaka-OC trying to achieve the perfect blend of paint and brush strokes that would make it look like some progression of dark to light. It felt like I was taking forever to paint and blend so, I was glad when we took a break to sketch in a “flat-topped mountain” using a pencil. After that, we had to do the bottom part that followed the same process as the sky part, but with purple paint. Then we painted in the blue-violet mountain and tried to put in some details. Plus, some clouds on the sides.

First Step Sakura View Sip & Gogh

setting the scene

Then came the tricky part: we had to paint some cherry blossoms! We used black paint and the round brush to do the trunks. The instruction was to start from the bottom to the top, then branch out, pretty much like how a tree grows. But it was hard! My trunks would start out narrow then go wider as they went up. Uh-oh! I kept asking one of the painting aids if I could already use the thinnest brush and when he finally said yes, I got to do some damage control.

Sip & Gogh

branches, branches, branches.

Finally, those cherry blossoms, I had the most fun doing them, I used the tip of my round brush to create this scattered effect. I’ve never seen cherry blossoms in person (yet!) but I’ve always imagined them as these light feathery things that grow on trees. And I so wanted to achieve that.

Pointilism Sip & Gogh

Trying out my own version of “pointillism”.

Only to be told later by the painting master that my blossoms should not be “kumpul-kumpol” (too clustered together). Okay, so more dabbing with the tip of the brush…

Sakura View Almost There Sip & Gogh

Almost there…

Before we could finish our painting, it had to dry out first.  So while waiting, I took the chance to enjoy the “sip” part of the program.  I asked for some iced tea and it was served with some slices of salami, grapes, a couple of cheese and some biscuits.

Sip & Gogh

I was too preoccupied with painting that I almost forgot to take a photo of the food.

Then the final touches: dots of white paint to accentuate the cherry blossoms. After doing that, the painting master said we have to put in some “falling” cherry blossoms. Pril glanced over my work and told me not to ruin my painting and skip the “falling” altogether. Needless to say, I didn’t listen. And yes, I do regret it. I wasn’t even able to take a photo of my painting before the fall.

Sakura View Sip & Gogh

Sakura View: My very first painting. 🙂

In any case, I had great fun at Sip & Gogh!  I also find it amazing that I was able to produce a painting with just 4 colors: red, blue, white and black.  I learned a lot by doing this single painting, particularly about blending.  I now have the urge to buy a painting set and set up a studio at my studio. Hahaha!

Anyway, later on I would learn that we didn’t even paint a van Gogh (goes to show how much I know about art). But it was okay. There’s always a next time. Hopefully, my version of Starry, Starry Night.

Sip & Gogh Capitol Greenstreets

How to get there:

Going to Sip & Gogh can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the area. From Katipunan turn to Capitol Hills Drive then take a right turn at Ayala Heights Drive. Sip & Gogh is not a standalone establishment but is inside Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center.

For more information on painting schedules and reservations:
Sip & Gogh – Paint and Sip Studio
1 Capitol Hills Drive
Old Balara, Quezon City
+63 2 9611248
+63 999 887 6190

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