Singapore Trip: Universal Studios Singapore (Finale)

The fourth day of our Singapore trip was Mommy’s birthday and we were going to the Universal Studios Singapore aka USS!  It was already my second time there but I was excited to experience the much talked about Transformers ride.  So, after touring VivoCity, Singapore’s largest mall, and doing some shopping at the Daiso, we headed to the Universal Studios via the monorail.

Universal Studios Singapore

Getting There:
MRT from Little India station to HarbourFront. Then monorail to the Waterfront Station.

Upon arriving at USS, we headed immediately to the ticket counter to get our tickets.  We were able to avail this Mastercard promo from the USS website wherein we get one free ticket if we buy three.  We received our tickets then spent a considerable amount of time taking photos in front of the Universal Studios logo.

Singapore Trip 2013 Universal Studios Singapore

the birthday girl

Tip: Klook also offers discounted tickets and hassle-free entrance. Find out more here.

After almost an hour of taking our photos, we ate at the Malaysian Food Street beside the Universal Studios.  Since it was Mom’s birthday, I got her to treat me lunch.  Here’s what we ate:

Singapore Trip 2013

Char Koay Teow S5.20

After lunch, I finally had my first pressed coin.  I have been wanting to have one of these since I went to Hong Kong Disneyland way back in 2008.  My Universal Studios Singapore pressed coin turned out to be a lucky one because I wasn’t paying attention to how it was supposed to be made but it still turned out perfectly.

Singapore Trip 2013

holding my lucky coin

Once we got inside Universal Studios Singapore, our first stop was Lights, Camera, Action!  It is a special effects kind of show wherein we witnessed a scene of a major hurricane hitting New York City.  Those who stayed at the first row were in for a surprise!

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Singapore Trip 2013

too bad we did not get to do this

Universal Studios Singapore was featuring Sesame Street so we got to watch the Sesame Street Stage Show.  But we didn’t stay too long because we were eager to start lining up for the Transformers ride which everyone is talking about.

Singapore Trip 2013

My sister is terrified of riding roller coasters so we had to make sure that TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle wasn’t one.  The attendant told us that no, it wasn’t a roller coaster and that waiting time was about an hour.  It really took us that long before we were able to take our turn but I must say, the ride was worth it!

Singapore Trip 2013

two thumbs up for TRANSFORMERS

After Transformers, we saw that the Battlestar Galactica ride was not available.  It’s not really like all of us would be able to ride that one, but it was a bit of a shame not see terrified/ecstatic riders going round and round on the Cylon loop.

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Singapore Trip 2013

not today

Our next stop was Ancient Egypt.  My niece was so excited to ride The Mummy indoor roller coaster but she was too short for it.  She was really disappointed.  And because no one else was keen on riding that one with me, I just had to pass.  My niece just contented herself with cutting into the line of people taking photos with Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan from the movie The Mummy.

Singapore Trip 2013

Next stop was The Lost World.  My niece was also demanding that we try the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure but as the attendant told us waiting time was two hours, we just had to convince her to go to the other rides instead.  Thus, we rode the Canopy Flyer, which is an aerial ride wherein four riders sit back to back.  A tip to goers is that if you are not too interested in experiencing how it is to fly, choose the seats that are facing backwards.  My niece and I got those seats and she was like “Tapos na? (Done already?)” at the end of the 20 second ride.

Singapore Trip 2013

when will I be able to experience you?

Aside from the Transformers ride, it was my first time to see the WaterWorld show.  They recreated a scene from the movie and it was really cool!  The actors were jumping and flying around and doing all sorts of stunts.  But I was most impressed with the one and only female actress because I think she did more stunts than all the other actors put together.  She was amazing!  And here’s another tip to goers:  those people who were seated on the front rows got really soaking wet.

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Singapore Trip 2013

after the show

Another Universal Studios favorite was the Shrek 4D Adventure.  Aside from being able to sit and rest for a while, the effects were good and the 3D glasses were still in good shape.

Singapore Trip 2013

approaching the kingdom of far, far away

My niece was still itching to do a roller coaster so I went with her to ride the Enchanted Airways.  I was thinking that it was a bit extreme for her.  Because of this, I was screaming the whole ride so she’ll scream too and not get nauseated.  But did I underestimate her!  She was grinning and clapping after the ride was over.  She even wanted a do over but the line was long and we still had other rides to do.

Singapore Trip 2013

drunk Gingy

Last stop was Madagascar. No one was interested in the carousel ride so we tried the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure which is this really slow boat ride reminiscing the movie.  Everyone was actually holding their breaths and waiting for that heart-stopping dive or whatever effect but there was nothing.  Just a relaxing boat ride through Madagascar.

Singapore Trip 2013

Our day at Universal Studios Singapore would not be complete without shopping for souvenirs so we carefully examined every merchandise that we saw.  We bought several items and it was time to go back.

Singapore Trip 2013

candy trees. can i bring one home?


Babe and I were supposed to meet at VivoCity.  We agreed to meet at Food Republic so we could also have our dinner there.  Because I was tired and was keeping guard on our table, I asked my sister to buy me my dinner.  I just told her to get me whatever food she could find, as long as she takes note of the price.  She got me this dish called Thy Hong Hokkien Mee.  It seems to be a local favorite because I saw plenty of people eating the same thing and Babe also said that she likes this one.  I must say, the serving of food in Singapore is just too much for me to eat, so I wasn’t able to finish everything.  But I did eat a good portion because it was good!

Singapore Trip 2013

Thye Hong Hokkien Mee

Our fourth day in Singapore had ended and the following day, our last day, was designated as shopping day.  So, immediately after breakfast, we went to the nearby Mustafa Centre to buy chocolates, perfume (me) and other pasalubongs.  After checking out, we went to Ikea to buy a high chair for my nephew.  Then it was off to Changi airport to catch our plane back to Manila.

Singapore Trip Day 4 Expenses

  • Daiso shopping:  S12.00
  • Monorail:  S4.00
  • Universal Studios Singapore admission tickets (buy 3 take 1): S222.00
  • Pressed coins (S2.00 each):  S4.00
  • Universal Studios Singapore souvenir:  S14.90
  • Dinner:  Thye Hong Hokkien Mee S5.20 + water  S1.50
  • Midnight snacks:  S4.10

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