Singapore Trip 2013: Singapore Zoo and River Safari

We devoted the entire day to seeing the animals I wanted to see in Singapore:  the polar bear (Singapore Zoo), the pandas (River Safari) and the Merlion (Merlion Park).  There was also a certain animal that I had been looking forward to eating and it was finally done on the second day of our Singapore trip.

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Singapore Zoo

Getting There: 
MRT from Little India to Dhoby Gahut Interchange, take the red line to Ang Mo Kio station.  Ride the 138 bus to the Singapore Zoo.

According to the park’s website, the Singapore Zoo is located within the Mandai rainforest and is home to more than 300 species of animals.  Their naturalistic habitats are carefully mapped out to facilitate the experience of the visitors and the park can be experienced on foot or onboard trams that traverse its main roads.  Aside from these, there are animal shows wherein visitors could learn more about the animals and after which some sort of interaction (and photo op) was possible.

Singapore Zoo, Singapore Trip 2013

I find animals fascinating and I think I was as excited as my niece, who was insisting that we go to the zoo from Day 1.  I originally wanted to book online because there are Park Hopper rates that are cheaper than if you’d purchase them on-site.  Instead, we purchased this “deal” from a ticket booth at the entrance which cost us S43 each.  This included the admission tickets for the Singapore Zoo and River Safari, tram ride in Singapore Zoo and a “souvenir”, which turned out to be just a sports-sized towel that was from the “Night Safari”.  What a rip off!  Had we purchased the tickets online, we would’ve saved S4 each, as well as some luggage space.

Singapore Trip 2013

my little niece taking over the DSLR

Tips when going to the Singapore zoo:

  • Bring sunscreen.  Singapore is a really sunny place and there are lots of areas in the park wherein there isn’t much shade.
  • Bring your own food and drinks.  Staff at the entrance doesn’t check bags for consumables and as expected, park merchandise is expensive.
  • Wear comfortable footwear.  There is a lot of walking involved so might as well take care of those feet.  The tram only has designated stops so walking is still imperative in order to view the animals


Singapore Trip 2013

elephant art

Singapore Zoo highlights:

  • The white tiger
  • The kangaroos
  • The polar bear
Singapore Trip 2013

white tiger!

Singapore Trip 2013

momentarily felt like i was in Australia when I saw this one

Singapore Trip 2013

polar bear missing the arctic

Park Operating Hours:


Another tip:  if you are doing the zoo and the river safari in one day, stay longer at the zoo.  The River Safari can be finished in a couple of hours

River Safari

When Babe told me that I should visit the River Safari because two pandas have just arrived in Singapore, I was up for it immediately.  My older sister was more hesitant because we read on the website that the river cruise and riverside attractions were not yet available.  But I was thinking that if I could see the pandas, then it was fine by me.

So after a hurried last hour at the Singapore Zoo, we had a hasty lunch at the KFC outside the entrance and headed to the River Safari.  Another reason why I was excited to go there was that Honey was meeting me!  Honey has been working in SG for ages and I crashed into her place the first two times that I went there.  She had been my tour guide and the inspiration for my penchant in Amazing-Race-like travels.

Singapore Trip 2013

off to River Safari

Honey and I mainly chatted the afternoon away because the River Safari mostly consisted of exhibits wherein we read trivia about various animals from signs.  There were also several animal displays but we were finished touring the whole place in about two hours, which already included an animal show.

Singapore Trip 2013

my niece getting a close up of the turtle

 Park highlights:

  • Red panda
  • Sleeping panda
  • Sea cows and manatees

Singapore Trip 2013

Singapore Trip 2013

sleepy panda

Singapore Trip 2013

mother and daughter tandem

Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Getting there:
From the parks, we took the Bus 138 back to Ang Mo Kio station where we took the MRT to City Hall.

Singapore Trip 2013

Makansutra with fireworks display

After the very long walks around the parks, we were already looking forward to having dinner.  I was the most excited because I would finally be able to eat my favorite:  spicy sting ray!  This exotic dish is available at the Redhill Rong Guang B.B.Q. Seafood stall at the Makansutra Gluttons Bay.  It’s actual name is “Sambal Stingray” and is available in two prices: S14 and S16, depending on the size.

Singapore Trip 2013

last sting ray for the day

Singapore Trip 2013

chao fan rice

Singapore Trip 2013

chili crab – this one is for you, Jope

Singapore Trip 2013

stuffed chicken wings

Singapore Trip 2013

lychee drink

Special thanks to my sister’s friends who accompanied us during dinner and also paid for the whole thing.  ^___^

Merlion Park

After that very filling meal, we headed off to the Merlion Park so we could have our photos taken with the national mascot.  The Merlion statue was under construction the last time I went there so it was a nice change.

Singapore Trip 2013


Everyone was already tired by then so we had to head back to our hotel.  We had to get ready for our third day because it was going to be a special one!

To be continued…  HERE

Singapore Trip Day 2 Expenses

  • Singtel top up card (S10):  S10.50
  • EZ link card top up: S10
  • Park Hopper on-site deals:  S43

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  1. wow chili crab super yummyyyyy……. mukang masarap mga food na kinain nyo ah… hahaha

  2. What a long and exciting day! Those were some great animal pictures. I haven’t been to the zoo in ages; Franklin Park Zoo in Boston maybe 10 years ago. I think all the animals were sleeping, or it’s the biggest scam ever. They took my money, and I never saw any animals!

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