My Running Comeback: 2013 Run United Philippine Marathon

After having run 42km last February, I pretty much thought that I have already graduated from running.  Well, I guess I changed my mind.  Because when Moche told me that he’d run 21km in the 2013 Run United Philippine Marathon, I said I’d do it, too.  Thus, I went back to running.

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My training had been sporadic, no thanks to the rains that kept devastating the country (and my training program).  If I felt undertrained for my first full marathon, I was even more undertrained for my comeback run. After my running hiatus, I found it really difficult to gain back my former pace.  Previously, I only had to struggle through the first 3km and then I’m all set to run until the finish line.  Plus, I never had to take a water break until after an hour of running.  But when I started training again, I found that running 5km was all 40 minutes of agony, with mandatory water breaks after every kilometer.  It was awful.  All in all, I only had 9 training runs and a total mileage of 60.34km for training.

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Thus, it was a real surprise when I found myself in good form this morning when I ran the 21km MOA route.  I didn’t feel like my lungs were about to explode at any time during the run, but I did feel a certain weirdness in my head.  I think this was due to the fact that I only had about two hours of sleep prior to the run.  But I pushed on and pounded the pavement with my trusty Asics GT-2170.  I did not take a water break until about the 8th km but I made sure to drink at every water station from the 10th km until I finished the race.

Surprisingly, I ran almost all the way to the finish line… walking only a bit to and from water stations and while I ate a banana at the 14th km.  And as such, blisters now decorate my toes.  Despite this however, I wasn’t able to set a new PR since I clocked in 2:39:59 with Nike+.  I was 9 minutes slower than my last half-marathon.  But for a comeback run with a training of only 5 weeks, I think I did a pretty good job.  Now, I only need wait for the official 2013 Run United Philippine Marathon results so I could determine how I did according to Timex.

2013 Run United Philippine Marathon

Notes about the 2013 Run United Philippine Marathon

  • There was a good stretch of unlighted road at the Roxas Blvd. and this could prove to be hazardous to runners.
  • The marshals gave in a lot of times to the pressure of letting vehicles/bikes/pedestrians cross the street.
  • There weren’t a lot of portalets during the race course.
  • There were plenty of water stations scattered all over the route. 
  • There were plenty of bananas and it was the first time that I got to eat one in a race organized by RunRio.
  • They gave out energy gels but I dropped mine and someone stepped on it so I left it.
  • The organizers should take into consideration that a lot of long-distance runners, after having trained and exercised a great deal for their half and full-marathons, are already on the slim side.  Hence, they should allot a great percentage of the finisher shirts to those whose sizes are Small and Extra Small.
2013 Run United Philippine Marathon

my third 21km medal

Jayce Cairo

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  1. Congrats on your come back run Jayce. I feel you when you say how hard it is to train in this weather. Anyway, hope to catch you in one of your runs.

  2. hi! this is a very informative post. i have many friends who also run to keep fit unfortunately i do not get to join them:( but yes i am thinking about this too. i find my knees weak, though i do muay thai,it has always been my weakness whenever the coach asks me to jog or run.

    • Hi Caroleen, have you checked with a doctor regarding your weak knees? Clear it first with your doctor before starting to run. 🙂

  3. that is such a good decision that you’re back to running..looking forward to read your post bout your running

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