Review: Philkor Spa Center Body Scrub and Body Massage

I have always wanted to try those body scrub services advertised in various spas. But since I heard some feedback that it could be a bit more invasive than I’d prefer, I decided that I’d try it first using one of those promos from a group buying website. So when a P99 offer for a 60 minute body massage and body scrub came up, I immediately grabbed it.

Two months after I bought a voucher for me and Moche, I finally felt the pressing need for a massage. I was in agony after running a mere 3km last Sunday, my first run after 6 weeks of rest. My back felt as if a hundred Pacquiaos used it for practice. The pain flares up even if I’d just turn my head!

So earlier today, we went in search of the Philkor Spa Center. Its complete address, as advised when I texted in my reservation last night, is 4378 Valdez St. cor. Santiago St. Makati City. It is not very far from A. Venue.

The façade of the spa leaves very little to the imagination:  it is your ordinary suking spa sa kanto (if there’s such a thing). From the front door, we had to walk through a short hallway to the actual spa. We were greeted by a woman wearing white shirts and a pair of pambahay-like shorts. We were asked to wait at the reception for a bit then she asked us if we brought extra underwear. Since we did not bring any, we were forced to buy a (very large) one size fits all disposable underwear for P10. We were then shown into the massage area which consisted of five beds separated by curtains. It didn’t smell like stale coconut oil, like in Aramesh Day Spa, but it still didn’t have the feel of high-end spa.  Really, the vicinity was a tip-off.

I was teasing Moche that the one who will scrub and massage him is the lola that we saw in the reception area. But thanks to my luck, I had her instead,whereas Moche got the other woman who greeted us. Spa-lola started with the body scrub. I was trying to identify through smell, what scrub they were using. It wasn’t St. Ives for sure because I did not smell the signature apricot scent and the beads were far too less. It wasn’t Asian Secrets either because I am also very familiar with that one. So there I was thinking that maybe it’s one of Watson’s many body scrub offerings. Hehe. Meanwhile, the scrubbing wasn’t too rigorous. Or thorough. I was thinking that I’d do a better job myself and maybe Spa-lola hasn’t eaten breakfast yet. Then I started noticing her attire. At least she was wearing a “Philkor Spa shirt” as opposed to the one attending Moche.

Once the “scrubbing” was done, Spa-lola suddenly covered me with the bed sheet that I was lying on. I almost burst out laughing thinking that “hey, I guess this is what they call the ‘body wrap’!” I had to stay like that for 5 minutes. I would’ve taken the chance to nap a bit but Moche was very hyper and kept chattering the whole time!

When 5 minutes was up, we were ushered by the other spa woman to the shower. She was saying that we would have to shower together since their other shower was broken. I didn’t comment at first although I was already bewildered at what she was saying. But when I saw how small the bathroom was, I immediately rushed inside and shut the door at their faces. NO WAY in hell or earth would I do what she was suggesting. I could hear them discussing my “hesitation” at showering together with Moche outside and it was so darn annoying. Add to that was the ice cold water that issued from the shower. It was definitely far from relaxing. After I finished, I had to stand around outside the bathroom until the spa woman told me to get back inside the massage area.

Then Spa-lola came back and we proceeded to the massage part. And it was the saving grace of the whole shebang. Even if Spa-lola’s scrubbing was lackadaisical, her massage was right on! She exerted the right amount of pressure to ease my aching leg muscles. And the back massage was heavenly. She was like a priestess, exorcising my back of its misery-causing demons. It was fantastic! One thing that gets me though is that the head/face massage always comes last. Like, after massaging your feet they will then venture to knead your face and scalp with their hands of questionable integrity. Hello, I don’t even use my towels to dry my feet. But truthfully, Spa-lola’s head massage was not that bad. She was able to ward of the migraine that has been plaguing me since yesterday afternoon.

The massage ended all too soon and we were then given these tip envelopes. I was too busy getting dressed so Moche gave them a tip of P100 each (too generous if you ask me).

After this experience, I am now more determined to try body scrub in other spas.  I swear to no longer  be too cheap and opt for promos when a well-deserved pampering is already in order.  ^__^


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