Restaurant Review: Uncle Cheffy

Uncle Cheffy has just launched its new set of special dishes – all based on its in-house corned beef!  These dishes are the by-product of the owners’, Mr. Larry Cortez’ and Chef Mau’s, creativity, research and quest to offer new food at affordable prices. This 100% Filipino-owned restaurant is striving to tantalize the Filipino taste bud with the various ways of serving corned beef. And thanks once again to Aldous and his food tasting events, I was one of the lucky few who got to sample these dishes first.

Uncle Cheffy, Venice Piazza

Uncle Cheffy, Venice Piazza

1.  Corned Beef Salpicao. The closest thing to the very famous sautéed corned beef with onions. But their version comes with button mushrooms and lots of garlic. It was a bit too salty for me. Rice was definitely a must.

Corned Beef Salpicao Uncle Cheffy

Corned Beef Salpicao P295

2.  Corned Beef Pasta. Served in olive oil and came with tomatoes, olives and herbs, this pasta seemed light (for a pasta dish, yeah!) and had a mild taste. I love olives and they were a plus for me. I liked this one!

Corned Beef Pasta Uncle Cheffy

Corned Beef Pasta (Solo: P160, Large: P230)

3.  Corned Beef Curry.  Never been a fan of curry and sad to say that this did not change my mind. It tasted so much like corned beef in coconut milk with potatoes added.

Corned Beef Curry Uncle Cheffy

Corned Beef Curry P295

4.  Corned Beef Sinigang.  Not a very new concept particularly to those who have already tried Sentro 1771’s Sinigang na Corned Beef. But this version is different because the corned beef’s saltiness did not bleed too much into the soup (Sentro’s was too salty!). The flavor only came out while chewing the beef. Another difference was that the soup was made very thick by the gabi. The gabi also muted the sourness of the sinigang and I like my sinigang sour.

Corned Beef Sinigang Uncle Cheffy

Corned Beef Sinigang (Solo: P195, Large: P350)

5.  Corned Beef Panizza.  Uncle Cheffy’s 10th panizza flavor! Still fits in as one of the flagship products, this was definitely one of the crowd’s favorites. Very reminiscent of the Dear Darla Pizza, this panizza is meant to be rolled into itself and eaten with the fingers. There was a generous amount of cheese and the corned beef were spaced nicely so as not to make the while thing too salty. The alfalfa gave a great balance in taste (and nutrition), too!

Corned Beef Panizza Uncle Cheffy

Corned Beef Panizza P495

6.  Mediterranean Corned Beef.  Hands down the best in the bunch. The use of green olives was brilliant. I loooved this one.

Mediterranean Corned Beef Uncle Cheffy

Mediterranean Corned Beef P320

Though it did not have any corned beef in it, the UC Fried Chicken was introduced to us that night as well. Sir Larry swore that it was just salt but this chicken was really very flavorful. Though I’d like to stop with the comparisons, I really must mention that it tastes so much like Max’s Fried Chicken. It was amazing! You should really try it.

UC Fried Chicken Uncle Cheffy

UC Fried Chicken

One final tip that we got that night from the very amiable Sir Larry was that Uncle Cheffy has a Labor Day Promo! Take a selfie with the Uncle Cheffy mascot when you get the chance and get a discount on your meal on May 1.

Uncle Cheffy Mascot


Feeling hungry? Head out to the nearest company-owned Uncle Cheffy and try these new dishes.  ^__^


April 8, 2015

***All photos were taken using iPhone 5

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