Restaurant Review: The Boiling Seafood

A couple of months ago, I ran my first (and will probably be the only) 21km run for the year. And what better way to work up an appetite than running a half-marathon? My preparation had not been for naught as I had one of the best post-run meals at The Boiling Seafood, in one of the food tasting events organized by Aldous of Aldous Ate the World.

The Boiling Seafood is like one of those paluto restaurants that have been cropping up left and right in the metro. But what’s special – and also the first thing I liked – about The Boiling Seafood was that I didn’t have to go through all that trouble of picking out the uncooked ingredients of my food. Whew! What a relief!

The second thing I liked about The Boiling Seafood? The Crispy Calamari (P285). Those calamari are to die for. They were cooked just the right, tender and lightly seasoned. The ranch dressing that came with it was also a perfect match. After that came dish after dish of yummy, yummy seafood.

Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

I had the chance to bring my family at The Boiling Seafood and everyone just loved these squid rings. Especially my 2 year old nephew!

Just like those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, the fun starts at The Boiling Seafood by selecting your seafood. There are crabs, mussels, clams and shrimps, sold by the weight. The next part, and the most important one, is picking out the sauce. The choices are butter garlic, Cajun, crab fat, coconut curry and sweet chilli garlic. Since customization is key, you can even determine how hot your sauce will be. They can be tame, mild or wild. For our food tasting, all our dishes came with the mild sauce.

1.  Shrimps in sweet chilli garlic. The shrimps were cooked just right and the sauce was a bit spicy, but totally yummy. It was best eaten with rice. Even the corn tasted good

Shrimps in sweet chilli garlic Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Shrimps in sweet chilli garlic

Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Plain or garlic rice for you.

2.  Shrimps in crab fat. It was also yummy but not as flavorful as the sweet chilli garlic sauce. The most salient taste came from the garlic.

Shrimps in crab fat Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Shrimps in crab fat

3.  Clams in coconut curry. As curry is not one of my favorite dishes, I must say that it was just alright for me.

Clams in coconut curry Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Clams in coconut curry

4.  Mussels in Cajun sauce. The Cajun sauce, made up of dried herbs, garlic and chilli turns out to be spicier than the sweet chilli sauce. Still, I liked it.

Mussels in Cajun sauce Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Mussels in Cajun sauce

5.  Crab in Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce. At that point, I just gave up – everything I had tasted thus far was just delicious!

Crab in Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Crab in Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce

Another crab dish was the Crabs Garlic Overload. As is evident in the photos, that is one garlicky crab!

Crabs Garlic Overload Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Crabs Garlic Overload

Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Because the people at The Boiling Seafood are so nice, you can actually ask them to himay the crabs for you!

Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Otherwise, you can also have your fun with these crabs.

The Boiling Seafood though is not only about seafood. They also serve some chicken. We sampled the Buffalo Wings and they were divine – with or without the ranch sauce.

Buffalo Wings Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

Buffalo Wings

Another non-seafood item on the menu is the BBQ Hickory Baby-back ribs. We were served with a tender slab of meat, laid out on a bed of French fries. It was delicious.

BBQ Hickory Baby-back ribs Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

BBQ Hickory Baby-back ribs

Yum, yum, yum. I could hardly move after eating all those food.

If there’s one thing I did not like about The Boiling Seafood, it would be that it doesn’t serve dessert. Come on! There’s always, always room for dessert.

But the next time I’m craving for some shrimps in sweet chilli garlic, I’d make a beeline to this place.

Restaurant Review The Boiling Seafood

The Boiling Seafood: Open daily from 11 am to 10:30 pm

The Boiling Seafood
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City
+63 2 511 8232

***All photos were taken using iPhone 5

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