Restaurant Review: The Backyard Reservoir

A girl from the “South” could not possibly be expected to know much about the goings-on in the North, right?  So when Aldous invited me to another food tasting event at 33A Malingap St. in Teachers Village in Quezon City, I was surprised to find that The Backyard Reservoir was not a standalone restaurant but was instead a part of a foodie haven called The Zone.

Opened only in February 13th of this year, The Backyard Reservoir is the result of a 10-year friendship between the owners Tertius Latonio and Mic Lura.  Laid-back and outdoorsy, the decor and ambiance are all in keeping with the restaurant’s name.  Even the chalkboard-written menu and tableware added up to the al fresco vibe.

For our bloggers event that night, The Backyard Reservoir let us experience their brand of casual dining by serving the following:


Curly Fries (P65) – Why wait for McDonald’s seasonal fries when you can get them all year round at The Backyard?  These babies taste just as good and the serving size is even bigger!

Curly Fries, The Backyard, chasiing jayce

Mozza Stix (P125) – They might seem expensive at P25 a piece but you will be getting your money’s worth as they are 99% cheese and 1% breading.  A great starter while waiting for your other orders.

Mozza Stix, The Backyard, chasiing jayce


Ham, Egg & Cheese (P150) – Made with whole wheat bread, lots of greens then your ham, egg and cheese.

Ham, egg and cheese sandwich, The Backyard, chasiing jayce

Tuna Melt (P135) – Vegetarian? No problem. This sandwich is filled to overflowing with tuna.  But yeah, it can be a bit messy.

Tuna Melt, The Backyard, chasiing jayce

Pastrami (P150) – Not a vegetarian and wanting something a bit more special on your sandwich? Try the Pastrami.  It’s my favorite among their sandwiches.

Pastrami, The Backyard, chasiing jayce


La-Onioni (P145) – This mushroom and bacon pasta will appeal to cream-based pasta lovers.  The sauce is not too heavy and lightly flavored.

La Onioni, The Backyard, chasiing jayce

Pesto-Tuyo (P135) – Although the pasta served to us was a bit dry, you have to hand it to them for coming up with this dish.  The saltiness of the tuyo went well with the pesto taste and the resulting pasta is a must try.

Pesto Tuyo, The Backyard, chasiing jayce

Marinara (P145) – This one is a bit on the spicy side.  I’m not fan of seafood pastas in general though so I can’t say I enjoyed this one.

Spicy MThe Backyard, chasiing jaycerinara, v


3 Cheese Pesto Pizza (P190) – Best eaten hot!  This pizza is made with super thin crust and will appeal to all basil-lovers like me!3 cheese pesto, The Backyard, chasiing jayce

El Pago Pizza (P230) – This is The Backyard’s flagship pizza and they are wise to have it so.  It features “El Pago” which is a homemade herbed sausage.  This was truly the star of the night.

El Pago, The Backyard, chasing jayce


Our menu for the night was rounded up by their iced tea, served in a plastic pitcher and drunk in paper cups.  Quite a nice way to relax and enjoy the night, don’t you think?

Want something more exotic than iced tea?  Ask the staff if could get some of their wine (not on the menu).

the menu

the menu

Resident of the area?  Tertius told us that they also do deliveries free of charge.  And not only do they deliver the items on their menu, they also deliver their cold cuts if you feel like doing the sandwiches yourselves.  This resto gets more points for having that kind of heart.

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***All photos were taken using iPhone 5.

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