Restaurant Review: Sweet Ecstasy

When Aldous told me we’d we reviewing Sweet Ecstasy, a burger and shake place in Makati, I got pretty excited. I like  burgers enough but it’s milkshakes I love. And with its location on Jupiter St, I was already thinking that it’s a very promising place.

Sweet Ecstasy Facade

al fresco dining to bring out the best in their milkshakes

And I wasn’t wrong when I got there on the review night.  It really seemed like a place to be with all those cars parked in front of it. The place was cozy with only a few tables but lots of other customers drop by and have their food to go.

Sweet Ecstasy Store Hours

week-long fix to your cravings

First to our table was the Fantastic Fries which are homemade and hand-cut potato fries. I think the cook got a bit too liberal with the salt, though. Good thing their ketchup was Heinz!

Sweet Ecstasy Fantastic Fries

Fantastic Fries (P80)

Sweet Ecstasy’s best-selling side dish would be the Onion Rings and I understand why. The onions in their onion rings were sweet!  And they’re not so covered in batter that it feels light when you eat them.

Sweet Ecstasy Onion Rings

Onion Rings (P100)

Next was the parade of wings.  Their wings are coated in double batter and fried until crispy.  My first try was the Soy Honey Wings which didn’t seem too special. I found it a tad oily, too.  It was best enjoyed with the garlic aioli dip.

Sweet Ecstasy Soy Honey

Soy Honey (P220)

The Honey BBQ Wings was okay with the sauce not taking away any of the crispiness of the fried chicken skin.

Sweet Ecstasy Honey BBQ

Honey BBQ (P220)

Sweet Ecstasy serves four kinds of wings but I wasn’t able to try the Buffalo Wings (8 wings per order and we were 9 bloggers).  But that’s really okay since that meant that I got to sample what I think was the best in the bunch:  the Sriracha Lime Wings! The spiciness of the Sriracha was doing a fine job of contrasting with the sweet and sour taste of the lime. Each bite was like a festival of flavors!

Sweet Ecstasy Sriracha Lime

Sriracha Lime (P220)

Then there was the Cheeseburger made up of brioche buns, beef patties, local iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, white onions (which you can ask to be grilled, fresh or caramelized), cheese and that special Ecstasy Sauce.

Sweet Ecstasy Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger (P170)

And for the grand finale: the milkshakes! Sweet X has grouped their milkshakes into “Classic”, “Premium” and “Adult”.  We asked Monica, the owner what their bestsellers are and she rattled off the names of various milkshakes:  Nutella, Salted Caramel, White Russian, Kahlua Mocha and Sex Berry.  Say what?  Yup, their adult milkshakes have both alcohol and very suggestive names!


Sweet Ecstasy Milkshakes

adult milkshakes for the win


For that night, I ordered the Kahlua Mocha.  All ice cream, no ice, and the undeniable presence of alcohol made this seemingly ordinary activity of drinking milkshakes quite a novel experience. It was the perfect way to end the meal.

Sweet Ecstasy Kahlua Mocha

Kahlua Mocha (P160)

I can definitely see myself going back to Sweet Ecstasy with my friends until I have tried all their milkshakes.

Sweet Ecstasy
10 Jupiter St. cor. Asteroid St.,
Barangay Bel-Air, Makati

***all photos were taken using iPhone 5

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