Restaurant Review: La Petite Camille

Originating in San Francisco, California, La Petite Camille is a Vietnamese restaurant (don’t let the French name fool you) and is one of my recent finds.  I like Vietnamese food (the few that I’ve tried) and I’m always open to try something new.  So, I went to this restaurant in Greenbelt 5 so I can do a little review.

restaurant review la petite camille

I went to La Petite Camille with Moche during one of our Saturdates.  We haven’t had Vietnamese food for a while so we had our fill of Vietnamese noodles.  My order was the Pho Combination (P295), which is a “special combination of raw and well-cooked beef, beef balls and herbs with rice noodles in a special beef broth.”  It was served with the customary bean sprouts on the side.  The waitress was nice enough to inform me that the serving was good for two so we had the soup split.

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One of the things I liked about La Petite Camille was that there were instructions on how to best enjoy your food.  Like there’s this card on the table that tells you how to make the perfect pho.  Here are the steps:

  1. Add the bean sprouts and vegetables to your pho and squeeze some lemon onto it.
  2. Add a bit of hoisin for a more salty sweet flavor.
  3. Check the current flavor to find out whether you want to add more hoisin or not.
  4. Add more hoisin or you can skip this step.
  5. For an additional flavor kick, add some Sriracha Hot Sauce to taste.
  6. Savor and enjoy.

So what I did with my pho was add 5 little spoonfuls of hoisin and a drop of Sriracha.  The result:  fantastic!  Note though, that we had the soup split into two so I only tweaked half a serving.

restaurant review la petite camille

Meanwhile, Moche ordered Pan-Fried Noodles with Prawns (P340).  It was just “okay” for me because it tasted a bit too “fried” for me, if you get what I mean, but Moche loved it.  It tasted a bit like Pad Thai and the great thing about it was that there were loads of prawns!  The serving size was also big so I think the price was just right.

Then, I also ordered some Vietnamese Iced Coffee (P120) because the instruction card available on top of our table made me curious.  The iced coffee was served with a Phin filter or a traditional Vietnamese coffee brewer, a hot water thermos, coffee cup and a glass with ice.  Here are the steps on how to brew a perfect cup of Vietnamese Coffee, La Petite Camille-style:

  1. Allow the water in the Phin filter to drip through the grinds.  Lift the lid to check the progress.
  2. Pour hot water from the thermos into the Phin filter and allow it to drip.  Brewing time should be about 4-5 minutes.  If you are not feeling a strong brew, you can pour the water directly into the cup.
  3. After brewing the coffee and when you see that the chamber is empty, take away the filter assembly from the cup, put it on the saucer and make sure it doesn’t drip on the table.
  4. Stir the mixture inside the cup to mix the coffee with the condensed milk at the bottom of the cup.
  5. Savor your hot coffee or pour it on the glass with ice for a cooler experience.

restaurant review la petite camille

The instruction card said that Vietnamese coffee was best with crème brûlée as dessert, but we opted to try the Vietnamese Jell-O (P120).  This jell-o looks like pandan jell-o but with different layers while the bottom one is coffee.  I found it a bit weird… but maybe because I’m not a fan of  anything pandan.

restaurant review la petite camille

All in all I had a great experience.  The waitstaff was really great and attentive to us.  The ambience is really nice and waiting time for the food to arrive wasn’t that long either.  Thus, visiting this resto again is in my near future.

restaurant review la petite camille


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  1. I never have tried a Vietnamese resto before 🙂 This is worth trying when I go to Manila 🙂

  2. I love Pho. It is my comfort food. Not a fan of housing tho. One more thing, SRIRACHA is the bomb! I love it!

  3. the interior is cute! ive never had viet food before. still need to try it

  4. the noodles and coffee are awsome, making me hungry again

  5. Whoa. Is this restaurant new? I have never seen it in Greenbelt. I must try their food soon with my girl friends. 🙂 The ambiance looks nice.

  6. I’m just such a huge fan of Vietnamese food but I haven’t found a place that I love. Might give this a try soon! 😀

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