Restaurant Review: El Cangrejo

It’s that time of the year when parties are being celebrated left and right and what better way to discover new restos than that?  It was our team’s year-end party and our venue of choice was El Cangrejo: Crab, Seafood and Steak Bistro.  It is located at Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, in the Timog area – land where I hardly dare venture – so I was pretty excited to try it out.

El Cangrejo Exteriors

El Cangrejo is a cozy restaurant, tucked away at the back of Jardin de Zenaida.

El Cangrejo Interiors

El Cangrejo serves a variety of wines, which could be sampled in their Unlimited Oysters and Wine Deal (see below for more details)

As a general plan of attack, I teamed up with three beautiful and smart teammates so that I would be able to maximize my allocated budget for our year-end party.  I wanted to try as many dishes as possible and the three were also keen on doing the same.  And since we were more than twenty in the entire team, we made sure to pre-order our food so that when we got there, we wouldn’t wait for too long.

Homebrewed Iced Tea - El Cangrejo

Our drink, Homebrewed Iced Tea (P65), was promptly served.

First off the list was the Homemade Fresh Cut Fries.  The foremost reaction when we saw the fries was that they were undeniably made from potatoes!  Haha!  They were lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and were very filling.

Homemade Fresh Cut Fries - El Cangrejo

Homemade Fresh Cut Fries (P75)

Although “chicken” is not in the El Cangrejo’s full restaurant name, we still ventured to try their Boneless Buffalo Wings.  It came with a yummy blue cheese and yogurt sauce and had just the right amount of spice which the sauce complemented well.  It was a bit crispy on the outside and since there were no bones to worry about, it’s easy to crunch away and finish of the entire plate in no time.

Boneless Buffalo Wings - El Cangrejo

Boneless Buffalo Wings (P245)

For the pasta part of our meal, we had the Crabmeat Ravioli in Aligue Sauce.  As the name suggests, it’s made up of crabmeat, stuffed inside two layers of thin pasta, then slathered with crab fat sauce.  As sinful as it was delicious, a squeeze of lemon brought the rich flavor down a notch.  Meanwhile, the Home Baked Bread served with the ravioli was a story on its own.  It was crispy and crunchy and I found myself wanting more.

Crabmeat Ravioli in Aligue Sauce  - El Cangrejo

Crabmeat Ravioli in Aligue Sauce (P345)

And seemingly to keep us from having hypertension, the Caesar Salad with Pan Seared Tuna was brought out next.  As is evident in the photo below, El Cangrejo did not skimp on the tuna (nor on the parmesan cheese).  That slab of tuna was also cooked well and went great with the entire salad.

Caesar Salad with Pan Seared Tuna - El Cangrejo

Caesar Salad with Pan Seared Tuna (P395)

Then we were served with the Pan Seared Salmon with Curry Rice.  That huge slice of salmon in the photo was cooked very well: tender and not dry at all.  It was also served with the blue cheese and yogurt sauce and went well with the curry rice.

Pan Seared Salmon with Curry Rice - El Cangrejo

Pan Seared Salmon with Curry Rice (P495)

Actually, one of the reasons why El Cangrejo was chosen for our team’s year-end party was because of their Surf N’ Turf Deals: Unlimited Wine and Oysters (P749) and Eat All You Can Steak and Crabs (P749), served from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.  Several of our teammates ordered one of the two they had their fill until the time we left El Cangrejo.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup - El Cangrejo

Creamy Pumpkin Soup, free with every Surf N’ Turf deal

Grilled Angus Hanging Tender Steak - El Cangrejo

Grilled Angus Hanging Tender Steak

Steamed Mud Crabs - El Cangrejo

Los Cangrejos: Steamed Mud Crabs

Meanwhile, since these two eat-all-you-can deals are strictly not for sharing, our mini-group just ordered our own à la carte versions: Oysters, can be fresh, baked or grilled, then served with lemon and vinegar, and

Grilled Oysters - El Cangrejo

Grilled Oysters (P245)

Slipper Lobster and Tenderloin, served with a choice of Caesar Salad/Farmhouse Salad/Sautéed Vegetables and Roasted Mashed Potato/Fresh Cut Fries/Plain or Garlic Rice.  Although I am not a fan of steaks, I must give this one props for remaining tender and juicy enough even if we weren’t able to eat it as soon as it was served (the rice took too long, you see).

Slipper Lobster with Tenderloin -  El Cangrejo

Slipper Lobster with Tenderloin (P1245)

That was the last dish for the night and I was really too full for anything more.  The rest of the night was spent doing my first-ever white elephant exchange gift and a couple of games. I got myself a nice gift and our mini-group won first place in the games.  Yay!  It was a very good night, spent with fun people and filled with great food!

El Cangrejo: Crabs, Seafood and Steak Bistro
Unit D1 Jardin de Zenaida,
34 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle,
Quezon City, Philippines

***All photos were taken using iPhone 5

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