Restaurant Review: Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters

Earlier this month, one of Ayala Triangle’s pioneer restaurants, BFAST was “given a major facelift and was rebranded” into Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters.  Looking back, BFAST didn’t seem like an enticing place to eat.  I remember the place to be empty of customers most of the time and the menu seemed to be too expensive.

Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters

But right now, the rebranding seems to be for the better since it is now teeming with customers. It also helped that Filipinos are generally attracted to new things and the overhaul does seem to improve its image.  So, one last night, we dove in to see what the restaurant has to offer.

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My, Ate Che and Moche’s order:  Angus Roast Beef for P169.00

Chef Lau's Pugon

Angus Roast Beef

My first thought was that it tasted like grease (or let me use the word sebo to better convey my meaning).  Well, it was probably because we waited for everyone to receive their orders before eating, but the whole thing was really lacking in taste.  The gravy tasted good but did not really improve the overall flavor of my food.  And even if I don’t eat atchara (pickled unripe papaya), I tried to eat some with the beef anyway, since I wanted to find out if I am missing on some experience by avoiding it. Unfortunately, the taste remained the same. The only redeeming quality for me was that the meat was tender.

Jane and May’s Order: Pork Liempo Roast for P149.00

Chef Lau's Pugon

Pork Liempo Roast

A couple of my officemates ordered this and I asked to sample it myself. I must say that it tasted better than the Angus Roast Beef.  According to them, the skin/fatty part was crispy and the meat was really tender.  I think another factor that helped the taste was that it was served last and it was still warm when we sampled it.

Ate Lulu and Marge’s Order: Pugon Roast Chicken for P99.00

Chef Lau's Pugon

Pugon Roast Chicken

A couple of my other officemates ordered this and this is what they had to say:  the chicken wasn’t anything special.  But just the same, it was definitely enough for Marge to order another cup of rice.

Ate Alma’s Order:  Baked bangus Belly P129.00

Chef Lau's Pugon

Baked Bangus Belly

Last but not the least was the Baked Bangus Belly. Among the three dishes that we ordered, I liked this one the best because the herbs provided great contrast to the fish.  I should’ve ordered this one.

Chef Lau's Pugon

Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters Summary:

The good:

  • Serving size is great
  • Extra rice is only P10.00
  • Restaurant is not too cold
  • Gravy tastes okay.

The bad:

  • The plates were really slippery and kept moving around the table, making it difficult to cut the meat
  • Extra gravy costs P5.00 per saucer
  • The large iced tea costs P39 but is of the same size as the service water

The verdict:  ★★★

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  1. The food looks deliiisshh and at a very affordable price! I might try this one day with le BF as we love exploring restaurants everywhere 😀 Their iced tea is expensive by the way :O

  2. Was it only the interior/exterior design of the restaurant that got facelifted and not the menu? Overall the food looks okay though — maybe even if the ambiance doesn’t look and feel nice, I’d still dig the food here.

    • I think even the menu was overhauled… or maybe they just added some cheaper meals. I never tried Bfast because it seemed really drab.

  3. Baked Bangus Belly is something unique on the menu you ordered, as it’s usually grilled or deep fried. Mixing with some herbs would certainly means flavorful, would love to try this out when we visit Philippines.

  4. i think i will love the baked bangus belly. i am into protein rich food so i guess, it will really fit me.

  5. First I was wondering why this resto was rebranding to another name, then I kept on following the reason on how this resto coped with its expectation for attracting more customers. The rebranding approach did some improvement but not so much. My rating would be satisfactory if I were to do it.

    • I would’ve given it 2/5 but my officemates liked the place a lot… so I also took that into consideration (plus some benefit of the doubt)

  6. The food looks like they’re not presented that well. It’s a bit pricey but it has to have at least a nice food presentation. I’m not digging this one. Apologies! 😀

    But you took a good picture of the chicken! 😀

  7. the baked bangus belly looks like something i’d order! 🙂 prices are not bad ha.. and yes serving size looks big 🙂 mukhang sulit naman 🙂

  8. They plate the food nicely and the food is affordable compared to others restos. But because the resto is located in Ayala Triangle much is expected of them.

  9. It’s a positive move to revamp the place and re branding their restaurant to attract more customers,but based on your food review above, it seems they need to add more attention to the quality of their food despite the lower price offerings in order to get more regular customers.

  10. Wow, I wouldn’t have known that BFAST has been revamped if not for your post! 😀 Anyway, the baked bangus belly looks good. I think I’ll order that if I ever visit the restaurant 🙂

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