Calaguas Do-Over: Wet and Wild Weekend

Calaguas Do-Over by chasing jayce

When I say wet, I mean rain and  when I say wild I mean wind.  Yup, my Calaguas do-over had mostly been composed of raging rains and winds, with approximately 8 hours of sunshine. The rain started to torment us the moment we changed into our shorts and stepped out of the office…

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Crescendo to Letdown: Better to Just Hush

hush hush

Yup, I believe the title just about sums up what I think about these fallen angel books by Becca Fitzpatrick.  Granted, the third book in the saga is not yet out, God knows how many there are, but after reading the first two, I would not be one to expect…

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Chasing Jayce: My Running Whoops and Woes

In line with my aim to live a healthy (though hopefully short) life, I went jogging with my colleagues at the The Fort the previous night.  I have to say that I am mighty proud of myself for being able to plow on for 55 minutes straight.  Although not all…

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This Is It

This is it:  my first blog entry.  After numerous unsuccessful attempts at blogging, here I am, trying it again. It might be because I would like to revive my penchant for writing, but I think it’s more of my recent realization that there are already some things that I just don’t seem to…

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June 28, 2009 Gig Run

Without any stretching nor sleep, Moche and I participated in Socieded Verde 2009 gig run at UP Diliman. The run started at 6am and we just joined the fun 2km run. Since Andrea and I had some catching up to do, we only ran about a fourth of the Academic…

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