(Not-So-Perfect) Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

I have recently finished the third book of the Hush Hush series called Silence.  And after carefully going through it, knowing that I would have to write another book review about it, I noted several improvements relative to the first two books. Read my review of Hush Hush and Crescendo. Despite…

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T.G.I.Freaky Friday’s

Dined at T.G.I.F. for the first time today and I must say, the fates were so wise when they kept me from going there. Waiting for the food took about an hour and our food was mostly deep-fried. We were with a never-hungry child who this time kept on asking…

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RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Run United 3

Ran 10 km for the first time in my life.  I didn’t think I could do it at first, what, with hardly any training and all.  But I did.  ^__^ I was only able to practice twice before the marathon and both times had been for only 20 minutes straight.…

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Un Día, Dos Dates, Tres Películas

It’s Spanish Film Fest season again and I made sure that I got in on the action. And I guess the event generated a lot of publicity because when I got to Greenbelt 3 as early as 11:45, there were only about 20 seats left for the 2pm, 4:30pm and…

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Finally the 3 C’s: CamSur, Caramoan, CWC

CamSur, Caramoan, CWC

The plan was hatched about a couple of months ago:  we will conquer the 3 C’s: Camarines Sur, Caramoan and CWC! After our failed birthday trip last March, my friend AKG and I were finally able to push through with our CamSur trip last weekend.  Although several forces had seemed…

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Badminton: My Latest Endeavour

Today, my body aches after my latest attempt at being sporty: badminton. For the first time in my life, I played badminton yesterday! And I had so much fun! I made so many mistakes as well, so the parts of my body that shouldn’t be aching are now keeping me…

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Yonex Badminton Shoes

So I have been babbling about playing this game since I fell in love with this training shoes. And now, the stars have lined up to give me this opportunity to take a shot at that shuttlecock. I have never played badminton before, badminton with my 5 y.o. niece obviously…

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Hello, again, Ace Water Spa!

JSR and I went to the Ace Water Spa at Pasig yesterday.  We were initially having second thoughts about going, but I finally convinced us when the FAQs on their website enticed me to relive my previous spa experience. It was my second time to do hydrotherapy at Ace, the…

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Homage to the Great CBD Milkshake

CBD milkshake

I have been wracking my head for something light and happy to blog about and it occurred to me:  I am yet to promote one of my favorite things.  And I am referring to no less than the CBD chocolate milkshake. I would not dare count how many times I…

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Calaguas Do-Over: Wet and Wild Weekend

Calaguas Do-Over by chasing jayce

When I say wet, I mean rain and  when I say wild I mean wind.  Yup, my Calaguas do-over had mostly been composed of raging rains and winds, with approximately 8 hours of sunshine. The rain started to torment us the moment we changed into our shorts and stepped out of the office…

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Crescendo to Letdown: Better to Just Hush

hush hush

Yup, I believe the title just about sums up what I think about these fallen angel books by Becca Fitzpatrick.  Granted, the third book in the saga is not yet out, God knows how many there are, but after reading the first two, I would not be one to expect…

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Chasing Jayce: My Running Whoops and Woes

In line with my aim to live a healthy (though hopefully short) life, I went jogging with my colleagues at the The Fort the previous night.  I have to say that I am mighty proud of myself for being able to plow on for 55 minutes straight.  Although not all…

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