Paella Festival 2014

Paella Festival

Paella lovers unite!  Join the Paella Festival 2014, happening at the Kapitan Moy Main Hall in J.P. Rizal, Marikina City on Friday, November 21, from 5:00pm to  10:00pm.  This eat-all-you-can festival offers a wide array of Paella choices for your own delight!

Hosted by Song and Lydda’s Food Service, the following paellas would surely satisfy your craving and pique your interest at the different paella flavor twists!

Spanish Paella – made with seafood and lechon in tomato sauce.

Paella Negra Marinara – made with seafoods in black squid ink sauce

Indian Paella – made with seafood in curried spicy sauce

Chinese Kiampong Paella – made with chicken pork adobo mixed with pechay, gabi and peanuts

Korean Paella – sweet spicy paella with sesame seeds and toasted pork ribs

Japanese Gomoku Gohan (Green Paella) – seasoned with herbs and a variety of nuts

Aside from these different versions of paella, plain rice, pork sinigang, and kansi (soup with beef kneecap cooked in langka chunks and kamias) will also be served.

And what is festival without some prizes?  Stick around for a raffle draw and win some prizes and souvenirs!

Reserve your tickets now!

Paella Festival 2014 Ticket Prices:

  • PHP 550.00 per head: Eat all you can with Bottomless Iced Tea
  • PHP 440.00 – Senior Citizen

Ticket promos:

  • Reserve 1 table of 10 and pay for only 9!
  • Early Bird Reservation – PHP 500.00 only until November 17!

Ticket reservations can be done through bank deposit:

Jesus B. Grafilo, JR.
# 006510139625

# 0007-01891-7

Then email the deposit slip to:

Also check out their Facebook fanpage for more details.

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