(Not-So-Perfect) Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

I have recently finished the third book of the Hush Hush series called Silence.  And after carefully going through it, knowing that I would have to write another book review about it, I noted several improvements relative to the first two books.

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Despite the main premise of Nora losing her memory of the last five months of her life, she seemed to be more at a grip of herself than during these said months.  Finally, her reaction to the events that were unfolding before her were more logical.  She’s suspicious when necessary and rational as far as her amnesia allowed her.  Nora remembered the things she did the previous night when she woke up in the morning.  She was able to think more coherently like a normal person.  I guess having your memory cleaned out makes you tend to think more clearly.  *heh! heh!*  The plot development had been better; there was less of that disjointedness that was a recurring theme on the first two books.  The story no longer seems to jump from one teaser event to another leading to a clang-y chapter ending.  The suspense was now maintained then the conclusion remained one step ahead of you.


Anyway, I thought that this series is just a trilogy, ending with Silence because as it is, we have already come full circle:  Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence.  But no.  There’s supposed to be this fourth book that will come on the fall of 2012.  I guess this would now deal with the ending twist of Nora having to lead the Nephilim army against the fallen angels.  But gosh!  I was expecting it to end already.  I mean, Nora already became a full-blooded Nephilim, therefore immortal, so she and Patch could already elope and have that happy ending.  But I guess Ms. Becca still wants to push (my patience) the story further.

Meanwhile, there was this “treat” of being able to read the first time Nora and Patch met through Patch’s eyes.  Now really, that was more entertaining than all three books combined!

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