My First 15km Run

run for integrity 15k statsToday I met one of my 2012 goals of running for more than 10km. I had my first 15km run early this morning, despite an emotional hurdle and utter lack of preparation. What training I had was not enough to prepare me for this endeavor, having only had four 5km runs at the Ayala Triangle Gardens and that 10km Hyundai Run for a Cause (whose results I could not find!).  I was also expecting the arrival of my red flagship yesterday but until today, it hasn’t ruined my day.  I guess all the running around did induce sufficient adrenaline rush to delay it a bit.  It’s a really good thing because running 15km under the hot tropical sun with a raging body temperature is a sure way to get heat stroke.  But thank the Lord because He spared me.

I started with a good pace, not allowing myself, for the first time, to be intimidated by those who zoom out the starting line.  Of course, I usually do that, too, but I opted for a more relaxed pace, thinking that I still had a long way to go.  My sleep prior to race hour had been second longest (the first being before the Condura run where I overslept!) so there wasn’t much faintness going around my head.

But to be sure, when I saw Neli on the way back from the first U-turn, followed by RJ, then Moche, then Venus, I was pretty disappointed already.  Granted, I started the race at the back of the 15k crowd, but I was still hoping I’d catch up.

Twice I stopped to fix my right shoe because it was digging into the top of my foot.  I loosened the laces a bit but after a couple of blocks it was still the same.  So, I stopped again and aside from adjusting the laces, I pulled down my knee support to provide compression to my shin who started to plague me during my first 3km and then again during the last 3.  It looked a bit funny but a runner’s gotta do what a runner’s gotta do, right?

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But guess what?  I did catch up!  With my steady pace and short bursts of energy and avoidance of the water stations (before the 10km mark, that is), I suddenly saw the two Venuses walking.  Since they were on the other side of the road, I just continued jogging away.  It was the first time that I overtook those two powerhouses!  It was a really exciting time for me!  And after the second U-turn, I saw RJ again.  I couldn’t believe I was able to overtake him that much when he was originally more than a kilometer ahead of me.  Lastly, before turning the corner to the finish line, I suddenly saw he-who-does-not-sweat Dennis, still on a long walk to the second U-turn.  It was really incredible!

I sprinted the rest of the way to the finish line, my spirits high and my shin aching.  And that, was exhilarating.

Today, not only did I Run for Integrity, but for 15km as well!  ^____^

Jayce Cairo

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