Montero Diaries: Sampaguita Beach, Batangas

Once again Google fooled us into embarking on a “1 hour and 22 minute drive” from Alabang to a virgin beach in Batangas: Sampaguita Beach. Deducting the time we spent on getting some diesel and buying some additional food at the market, we spent a total of 3 hours on the road. Granted I was down to 20 kph at the STAR Toll because it was undergoing some repairs, but the drive still seemed to last forever. Thing was, Google Maps isn’t as omniscient as I’d like because where the GPS ended, our drive did not. Whereas Google can only guide us up to a certain point, we still had a long way to go: about a couple of mountains away, to be more specific. Yet again we found ourselves wondering if we’d become the unwilling actors of a Wrong Turn sequel. The path was one twisty, narrow and sometimes, unpaved and muddy road that went up to about a 45 degree climb at certain parts.

Malabrigo: A better virgin beach in Batangas.

Steep roads at Sampaguita, Batangas

Steep roads at Sampaguita, Batangas

The end of the road led to a desolate looking beach with leaking cottages and unlighted rudimentary toilets. The gloom added to the sinking feeling in my stomach, all the more cementing the disappointment that I felt.  Off to the right was a snobby private resort that, according to the locals, would charge fees even to passersby. Wow.

The sordid state of public beaches in Batangas.

Gloomy Sampaguita Beach Batangas

Welcome to the gloom!

Leaky Cottages Sampaguita Beach Batangas

Leaky Cottages

River Meets the Sampaguita Beach Batangas

River meets the sea.

Sunset Sampaguita Beach Batangas

Feels like sunset at 12 noon

We made the most out of our trip, my niece and nephew still had their fun in the beach which, all things considered, was at least clean, though not very inviting.  I felt some consolation when the sun finally broke through the clouds and lighted up the surroundings.

Sunshine Sampaguita Beach Batangas

finally some sunshine!

We didn’t stay long; we made sure to get out of there before darkness could get a chance to settle in.  We couldn’t risk getting caught in unlighted one-way unpaved roads not knowing if we’d be falling off a cliff if we so much as drive a little to the right.

Away we go Sampaguita Beach Batangas

driving down and away.

After this little escapade, we’re sure to check out more of those hidden beaches in Batangas.  I’m sure not all our discoveries would be great but at least my driving skills would be put to the test.

Until the next adventure!

 November 9, 2014

***all photos were taken using iPhone 5

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