Montero Diaries: Malabrigo Beach

Summer means outings and trips to the beach. Searching for “best beaches near Manila” in Google would lead you to the Malabrigo beach in Batangas. I know I have been reposting my old article about the disappointing Batangas beaches where we went to during the past couple of years. But thanks to Google, we were able to find a really good beach this year.

Malabrigo beach

Going to Malabrigo in Lobo, Batangas had been easy thanks to Google Maps which gave us the driving directions needed to get there. But boy, Malabrigo beach was faaar! It took us more than 5 hours to get there. We had to brave public markets, rough roads, and zigzagging roads around a couple of mountains just to reach our destination.

But all that was worth it because the Malabrigo beach is really one of the best beaches near Manila. The water was so clear that you could see several schools of fish just a meter from the shore! It was a pebble beach though but I didn’t mind. I’ve never been too keen on having sand on my legs, clothes and private parts anyway. So, I really like pebble beaches. Anyway, the shore was also clean and there was hardly any trash to be found. I guess it’s also because there weren’t too much people either so it was still possible to find some peace and relaxation.

Malabrigo beach

pebbles not sand

We stayed at one of the cottages of Villa Marquez (previously known as “Villa Mar”) for our day trip. The cottage was big and there were four public shower/toilet stalls available for us to use. There were rooms available for overnight stays. The resort also has a floating cottage located a few meters from the shore.

Malabrigo beach

the floating cottage

After swimming and cooling off at the beach, we visited the Malabrigo lighthouse and had a bit of a photo op.

Malabrigo beach

Malabrigo lighthouse

Then, it was back to reality and we headed back to Manila, suntanned and tired from the day’s adventures but happy to have discovered a place that adds up to the reason why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Malabrigo beach


Jayce Cairo

Jayce is a linguaphile who speaks four languages and currently works as a translator to finance her various interests. Scoring very high on “Openness to Experience” on the Big Five Personality Test, she is an avid globetrotter who aspires to retire at 35 and travel for the rest of her life.


  1. Oooohhh! This is a nice find Babe! Kaso 5 hours, malayo pala siya. Any other photos? Is there nice overnight accommodations available?

    • Hi Babe, medyo natagalan kami kasi mali yung unang nalagay na destination sa google maps. We lost time passing through roads that were closed and it was hard to drive sa zigzag because I’m not yet expert level that way. But yes, they have rooms for overnight stay, di ko lang nasilip. And these are the best photos na. Hehe.

  2. I think the lighthouse and the beach made the long drive worth it.

  3. Oh wow my sister and her team will be going there next weekend for their teambuilding activity. 🙂

  4. Rubbie Anne Abad

    It looks so perfect! Beautiful!

  5. I agree much with your 'review' of Malabrigo Beach. I've been there once na kasi. Dami ko ngang inuuwing pebbles for my Bonsai plants. ha,ha, ha…

  6. Wow, this is such a nice discovery. It is a good thing the long drive was worth it.

  7. The sand on that beach is quite unique. I would love to enjoy exploring that one of a kind beach!

  8. nice jayce! 🙂 I hope I can come to this place if it meant that its more of pebbles.. intrigued 🙂

  9. It looks a placid place to stay and find your soulmate.

  10. I’ve never been at this place and I want to visit it someday 🙂 Hope I can do it with my friends 🙂

  11. Malabrigo is not too bad as I would picture out with beaches in Batangas. Just a nice alternative for beach quick fix.

  12. Was it a 5 hour trip from Manila? That’s one of the downside of trying out Batangas beaches, the commute sometimes turns people off. But glad to hear that the beach is clean and clear and you can see plenty of marine life!

    – Karen

  13. I haven’t been to any beach in the Batangas. This is probably the time to check it out while it’s still summer no? 🙂

  14. the beach looks so serene and lovely and peaceful! such a relaxing place to go too!

  15. Oh wow! Pebbles and not sand. How i wish i can visit this place before the summer ends.

  16. We were able to visit this place last April 2014. We spent our Holy Week there. The water is indeed clear and pristine. It was my first time to swim in the water with my flip flops on. LOL. i.e. because of the pebbles instead of the usual sand beaches. My cousin’s in-laws have been taking care of a rest house owned by an OFW where we spent our 4-day stay. As a token, we chipped-in a little money in exchange for the electricity and water we consumed. The place is really rural with a provincial vibe so you would really feel relaxed and stress-free. The lighthouse was great too! It was a nice 5-10 minute trekking heading towards the parola. From there, you will be amazed with the view of the whole Lobo shoreline. It was really a great experience being there. Hope you guys could try it too!

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