Malaysia Side Trip: Legoland and Hello Kitty Town

The third day of our stay in Singapore involved a Malaysia side trip.  We were going to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town!  I must say, it was a really good thing that we had a kid with us because I know I would’ve felt awkward had I gone to these two places with just my sister and mother.  Doing a side trip to Malaysia just for Legoland without my niece would’ve been fine, but to Hello Kitty Town?  Too cheesy for me.

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Some of the last tickets I booked before going to Singapore were those of Legoland and Hello Kitty Town.  I booked a Legoland with Bus Transfers package at the WTS Travel Agency’s website and bought Hello Kitty Town admission tickets from their website. I had to book them separately because the earliest bus available on our travel date was leaving at 10:30am.  The expected travel time was 2 hours and it would already be so late if we’d take that bus.

Singapore Trip 2013

The Singapore Flyer

Getting to the Singapore Flyer:
MRT from the Little India Station → Dhoby Ghaut → take the Yellow Line to Promenade Station

So, on the day of our Malaysia side trip, we left the hotel without eating breakfast and arrived at the Singapore flyer at 8:15am.  Since it was still early, we had some breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast.  I had some Kaya Toast with butter and hot Milo.  I am not a big fan of coconut jam but I can take it when served with butter, and the one I had in SG was a bit sweeter than the ones I am used to from Kopi Roti.  Meanwhile, it was a bit weird to see their plastic cup holder.  Whereas lots of Philippine cities are using paper food packaging to lessen plastic usage, Singapore seems to be doing the opposite.

Singapore Trip 2013

Singapore Trip 2013

Kaya toast with butter and hot Milo

After breakfast, we hang around the WTS ticket validation booth.  We found out that some of the passengers that were supposed to get on the 8:30am bus were still around and we didn’t want to waste any time.  After having our tickets checked, we were given the go signal so, we boarded the bus.  It seemed as if some of the 9:00am people traveled with us.  It was a good thing that we were alert so we were right on schedule.

Malaysia Sidetrip

bus transfer to Malaysia

Our transfer was a two-seater bus, so there was plenty of legroom but the bus was smellier than your regular ones.  We left at 9:35am and arrived at the SG border by 10:05am.  Since there were several buses ahead of us, the lines were long.  But the visa processing itself was very fast.  We boarded the bus again by 10:25 and arrived at the MY border after 5 minutes.  We went to the restroom and it was very dirty and ugly and there were more squat toilets than the regular ones.  After being in SG for two days, it was easy to get used to restrooms that always had toilet paper, paper towels and hand soaps.  We left the immigration at 11:00am and after 15 minutes, we were at Legoland!

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Malaysia Sidetrip

deserted ticket booth at the Legoland

After doing some photo op at the Legoland entrance, we went to the Mall of Medini to look for foreign exchange to get some MYR.  We walked all the way to the Information Center at the opposite end of the mall where we found out that the only foreign exchange available was in the form of a guy that gave us the following exchange rates:  100 USD = 289 MYR and 100 SGD = 240 MYR.  It was decided that we would go to Hello Kitty Town first because it was so sunny and hot and we were quite sure we won’t be able to enjoy Legoland with all that heat.  So, we immediately took a taxi to Hello Kitty Town.

Malaysia Sidetrip LegolandWe were lucky that we found a regular teksi.  We left the Mall of Medini at 11:40am and arrived 8 minutes later at Hello Kitty Town.  Our total bill was RM 8.20 but the driver did not give us any change when we gave him RM 10.00.

Hello Kitty Town

Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

Hello Kitty Town ticket queue

Hello Kitty Town, together with Lat’s Place and The Little Big Club, is housed in the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park which is a mall-like building and occupies only one floor.  Upon presenting our tickets, we were given these activity cards where we would collect the stamps that we’d get from participating in the activities.  The place was small and the activities were few.  And for a ticket RM 75.00 to get inside (no child rates!), it felt like a bit of a rip off.  And since I was still exhausted from the previous day’s activities, I felt like I was sleepwalking the whole time.Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

The first thing that we did when we got there was watch this Hello Kitty show that would appeal only to kids 7 years and below (9 years old at the most).  My sister and I got bored immediately so we left and checked out the Hello Kitty House.  It was more for photo ops than anything.  But yes, my niece enjoyed looking at all the Hello Kitty stuff.

Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

Hello Kitty Refrigerator

After that, my niece pulled me to the rotating tea cups ride.  I have no affinity with that kind of ride but I had to accompany my niece and she was very insistent.  After that, we got in line for the Hello Kitty Black Wonder, one of the place’s highlights.  The activity involved having to find the letters of the magic word that would save Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel from captivity.  It was sort of very confusing but we managed to get our password and got an A on the report card.

Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

Dear Daniel as prisoner

Another activity that my niece was dying to do was cookie decorating at the Cookie Studio.  But since it was taking a long time to get ready, she passed the time first at this playground like area while I rested my tired legs and sat at the waiting area.  When we were finally able to get inside the Cookie Studio,  I was already super tired and hungry.  Then I smelled that wonderful combination of flour, butter and sugar and I started to perk up.  Then, we were each given a butter cookie to decorate.  After 5 minutes or so, I was done and ready to eat my cookie.  And that cookie really saved the day.  It was probably too sweet but it was just enough to give me my much-needed sugar boost.

Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

Hello Kitty butter cookie, decorated with chocolate syrup and strawberry jam

We then proceeded to the Nail Salon where I painted my niece’s nails.  At first, my niece wanted to paint my nails but I was never a fan of manicures so I convinced her that I’d just paint hers.  She was apprehensive because her teacher would apparently freak out if she’d see her painted nails.  But in the end, she gave in (I knew she just needed some assurance because she clearly wanted to do it) and made me color each nail differently.

Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

Then my sister came inside the salon to tell us that the line at the “Jewellery Making” Studio was already moving and our turn was already close.  We hurried out and stood at the line for what seemed like forever before were able to get inside.  Apparently, we were to do this hot-melt Hello Kitty design which was really time-consuming.  Particularly for little kids who were just practicing their pincer grasps.

Malaysia Sidetrip Hello Kitty Town

finished products (it was the idea of my niece to give Hello Kitty a crown)

After that, I was more than ready to go and have lunch.  But before leaving, we bought some of our photos for RM 30.00 each.  Again, another rip off (but my sister was bent on getting pictures, so…).  Anyway, we also visited the Hello Kitty store at the ground floor.  But as expected, the merchandise was expensive.  Actually, they were way more expensive than can be justified.  The items looked ordinary and didn’t seem too fabulous to warrant such prices.  So we hurriedly left the store without getting anything,.  I had to console my niece that the “jewellery”, pictures and her manicure were enough for souvenirs.

We headed to the taxi bay but, unfortunately, the only teksis available were executive ones with a flag down rate of RM 6.00.  We left at 3:50pm and arrived back at the Mall of Medini with a final bill of RM 19.40 despite our total travel time of 7 minutes. Our super, duper late lunch was at KFC and I ordered the Oriental Set that consisted of 2 pieces of chicken, 2 pieces of shrimp nugget, chicken rice and a drink.  I had to add an additional RM 1.80 to make my drink into iced tea.

Malaysia Sidetrip

KFC lunch



Admittedly, I was excited to go to Legoland.  Legos were a big part of my childhood and I was curious to see how the place turned out.  The theme park is very young.  It only opened last year and parts of it were still under construction.  But still, there were enough attractions to keep you entertained and I regretted staying too long at Hello Kitty Town.  The park was open until 10pm but we couldn’t stay that late because our bus, the last bus, back to Singapore was at 8:45pm.


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The first ride that we did was the Wave Rider, which was a bit exhilarating with a chance of getting wet.  And as a prelude to the impressive Lego constructions that we’ll find, I found this huge Einstein Lego head.  I just had to take a picture. Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Then we found these cute structures in Miniland.  Can you identify them?

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Then my niece tried the Nissan Driving School for kids.  I was so proud of her because even if she was the smallest in her group, she was still able to drive around and managed not to crash into any of the other cars.  She would later clarify that they were told that if they hit anyone else, they were out of the track.

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Our next ride was the Lost Kingdom Adventure which consisted of riding on carts inside these pyramid-like rooms where we had to shoot at various objects.  We had lots of fun trying to shoot everything.  In the end, we all agreed that it was the best.

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Our next target was this Jungle-Log-Jam-like ride but unfortunately we couldn’t go because my niece was too short.

Malaysia Sidetrip Legoland

Because of that, we just contented ourselves by watching a 4D Lego movie.  Then we also wanted to try the Dragon Ride roller coaster but it was closed when we got there (dinner break?).  In lieu of that, we rode the Dragon’s Apprentice instead, the smaller version.  At that point, I was really impressed with my niece because she wanted to ride more roller coasters!  She insisted that we ride Project X, a four-seater roller coaster.  The dive was 18 meters high and was really something to scream about.  Too bad I couldn’t take a good photo because it was already very dark when we rode it.



The last ride that we had was the Wave Rider because my niece’s adrenaline was still pumping and she couldn’t get enough of the rush.  It was way tamer than Project X but it was enough to act as a chaser.  After that, we just went to the souvenir shops and bought some stuff. Then it was time to wait for the bus and head back to Singapore.

To be continued…   HERE

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Malaysia Side Trip Expenses

    • WTS Legoland admission tickets + Bus Transfers:  S68 for adults + S2 (S58 for kids)
    • Hello Kitty Town Entrance Tickets:  RM 75
    • Ya Kun Kaya Toast breakfast:  kaya toast S2.20 + hot Milo S1.80
    • Teksi to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park:  RM 10
    • Photo souvenir at Hello Kitty Town:  RM 30
    • Teksi to Legoland: RM 19.40
    • KFC lunch: RM 13.90 + RM 1.80
    • Harry Potter Lego Magnets:  RM 54.95
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  1. Malaysia is not being competitive when it comes to amusement parks. I’d love to go to the Hello Kitty town even though I don’t have a kid with me 🙂

    • I agree. Malaysia also has the Genting Highlands but it also doesn’t seem that popular. I always draw blanks from people when I tell them I’ve been there. But yeah, HKT can be great for Hello Kitty fans.

  2. wait, did i read it right? You can transfer from SG to Malaysia through a Bus?. Wow, really? That Hello Kitty place s cute and awesome.

    • Yup, it’s possible. And according to my research, the immigration people at the border are strict, but not if you’re part of tour buses like the one that we had. You should try going there!

  3. I’ve been planning to visit Legoland but still can’t find a perfect date for it.

    • Legoland is cool. But it’s okay if you put it off a bit because there are still some under-construction attractions.

  4. Wow! That was long, the Hello Kitty fridge looks cute..
    Here you’ve posted a very detailed side trip adventure, not even finished yet.
    I hope to Visit SG and Malaysia too, soon perhaps

    • Yeah, I tend to do detailed posts so that people can get as much information as they can when researching for their trips. 🙂

  5. Singapore flyer has caught my interest. It looks a ferris wheel. Isn’t it? Why is it called a flyer?

  6. Legoland and Hello Kitty Town look like perfect places to visit especially with kids. It seems like your child was not the only one who had fun hehe

  7. My nieces would enjoy Hello Kitty Town but they’ll be more excited with the Legoland! Of course, I’ll be excited too to take pictures of each Lego structure. 😀

    • Yes! The Lego structures were amazing! But you’ll be surprised(?) about the one that they chose to represent the Philippines.

  8. Based on your side notes, it seems Legoland have surprising stuffs to see. Add this place to my travel list.

  9. wow! i want to experience your travel too when i already made a space on my pocket someday! it sounds that your having a great time in there!

  10. My family are planning to visit Legoland in Malaysia next year. I didn’t know that there’s a Hello Kitty land there too. I’ll include the Hello Kitty land in our places to visit list.

  11. I find that prisoner Hello Kitty really cute! Makes me want to fly to Malaysia right now! hihi 🙂

  12. I’m excited to see legoland too. I really need to revisit Malaysia.

  13. I’ve heard good things about Legoland Malaysia. It will definitely be the first place I will visit whenever I get a chance to fly to Malaysia. Hopefully, I can find time to travel 🙂

  14. hello jhayce.what mode of payment did you use in purchasing the roundtrip tour package at wts? do they accept walk in purchase?

  15. Hi Arlyn, I'm not very sure about that, but if it would help, all the prices are displayed in MYR and I didn't see any SGD.

  16. Hi. I read your blog. And It is very helpful. But will you please give me the total amount that you spend in Philippine Peso? Thank you.

    • Hi criz,

      I indicated the prices in the local currency so you could get a clearer idea of how much the budget should be, since the conversion rates would be different now as compared to when we went there.

  17. how much is the general admission price for legoland?

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