Lunch for 2 at Motorino Pizza

This year’s anniversary with Moche found me having to work at the Spanish Film Festival. And because of that, we had very limited time to celebrate the 6th year of our togetherness. We actually only had lunch and we decided to try out Motorino Pizza, this new pizza place at Greenbelt 3. The restaurant only opened last May 19, and as the waiter so proudly said, Motorino is “Napoli born but New York raised”.

Motorino Review

Motorino Pizza Review

Their Lunch for 2 looked promising and consisted of a shared order of a 13-inch pizza, two single-serve drinks and two types of dessert.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to split the pizza into 2 different flavors, so we were only able to try the Mushroom & Sausage Pizza. It’s made up of fior di latte, sausage, cremini mushroom, thyme, pecorino, kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil, baked into a thin crust. The saltiness of the sausage went well with the fresh taste from the mushroom, while the olives provided the right contrast and balance. Added with a dash of chili, I have to say that we made a great choice.

Motorino Mushroom & Sausage -

Mushroom and Sausage (P595)

For the drinks, we had a choice among soda, iced tea or coffee. We chose the classic iced tea and lemon iced tea. The classic iced tea was really like normal tea on the rocks. It’s great for clearing the palate and Moche preferred it over the lemon iced tea. Me, I liked the lemon iced tea because it seemed more refreshing and generally better-tasting.

Motorino Classic Iced Tea -

Classic Iced Tea (P95)

Motorino Lemon Iced Tea -

Lemon Iced Tea (P95)

For dessert, we had to choose between having cake or gelato. But as I didn’t like the available gelato flavors (vanilla, cookies and cream, and bacon!), we opted for a slice of tiramisu and torta al cioccolato (chocolate cake). The tiramisu was very light and did not taste too sweet. Moche liked it a lot. Meanwhile, the torta al cioccolato was this compact chocolate cake that resembled the flourless chocolate cake that I had at Nomama Artisanal Ramen. It’s on the bitter side, too, which is how I normally prefer my chocolate. It was served with crema inglese, and it was really good.

Note: their dessert is already good for two people.

Motorino Torta al Cioccolato -

Torta al Cioccolato (P250)

Motorino Tiramisu -

Tiramisu (P250)

All in all, I think we made a good decision in eating at Motorino Pizza. The food was great, the place had a good ambiance and the wait staff was nice. As for their Lunch for 2 deal, I think it has good value for money. Their pizzas can range from P395 to P695, their drink from P95 to over a hundred pesos and each slice of cake was already P250. At P395 per person (plus service charge), savings could go as high as P600. And this is good enough for me.

Motorino Pizza -

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