I ♥ Mangroves

I ♥ mangroves.  And that is why I ran all 10 kilometers for them earlier today.  ^__^

My second official 10k run was a success!  Despite waking up late, running from the market all the way to catch up to my fellow 10k runners at the starting line, and barely being able to do any stretching, I DID IT!  I ran  the entire 10km in Skyway.  Of course I wasn’t thinking of the mangroves the whole time I was doing that.  I don’t even remember now if I ever thought of them.  Maybe at one point I did – when I was asking myself what I was doing on top of the Skyway, smelling the foul air and seeing dark spots in front of me.  But that wasn’t the only reason I came up with, either.  I was bent on finally being able to properly calibrate that Nike+ that Moche gave me.

Condura Skyway Marathon 10K Map

Aside from that, a lot of other thoughts went tumbling around, like why is it taking me so long to reach the water station at 2.9 km?  As I mentioned before, the first three kilometers have always been the biggest hurdle for me.  All my aches and pains just make themselves papansin during these first kilometers.  This morning, they came in the form of shooting pain from my thighs to my butt, aching shoulders and parched mouth and throat.  But I ignored them.  I also ignored the first four water stations.  I was thinking that if I managed to run 57 minutes before without stopping, walking nor drinking, I could do it again.  And do it, I did!  I only succumbed to wetting my super dry mouth at the 8th kilometer, after having run at full speed from kilometer 5-7!  But it was not meant to be.  The cup of water that I took was almost knocked off my hand by this other runner, spilling half of its contents to my leg, while leaving his hands essence on what was left in my cup.  It was highly gross but I could no longer afford to stop and get another cup.  So I took one sip of the water to dry my mouth then ran off again, albeit more slowly this time.

Another water station highlight was than I actually scolded another runner on the first water station.  This big guy was walking slowly on the wet floor, kicking away at the cups that were hastily thrown aside, when I told him curtly, “Stop kicking them!”  Of course I went on running after that.  I was annoyed that he kicked them when they could actually trip another runner.  It was so inconsiderate and I couldn’t help it.  Felt good afterwards, too.  Hahaha!

Another thing that kept me going was that the sun was rising too fast for my taste (as if I have any control whatsoever over it).  It won’t do me any good to stop and walk if the sun would just beat down on me.  It was already glorious running on top of Skyway with the wind cooling me down and helping me breathe.  So i just pushed it.  It was a race against the sun.

So after running fast, then slow, but never stopping to walk, I heard my Nike+ call out that I was already running for an hour.  But I was not yet even on the 9th km at that point.  It was a bit disheartening.  And I was even contemplating on following the road sign that said “Stop at the Toll Gate”.  But I still ran.  I wouldn’t stop for anything.  The last kilometer seemed to go on forever.  My knees nearly gave out when I reached the finish line.  But more than celebrate, I was more intent on hitting that “End Workout” on my iTouch.  And guess what, it showed me that I ran more than 13 kilometers!  So it was really off by 3 km.  Really misleading and disheartening.  But I was just thinking that at least now, I have already calibrated it.

Adjusted Nike+ Race Stats

So in the end, I ran 10km for 1 hour 11 minutes and 6 seconds.  And this is only according to Nike+.  I don’t know yet the official race results.  Hopefully it’s the same.  Or less.  But it would really break my heart if it was longer.  Just the same, I still feel mighty proud of myself.  I improved 13 minutes from my first 10k marathon while doing an uphill and downhill climb.  I am more hopeful for my next 10km.  I think I’ll probably copy V’s resolution that I will graduate from 10k once I have run it for less than an hour.  And I think it’s possible, too.  And good thing Unilab 1 on March 4 doesn’t have any 15 or 16km or I’ll be tempted to do that.

So, dear mangroves, this is for you.

my run for the mangroves medal

my run for the mangroves medal

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