Hotel Review: Subic International Hotel

It was Moche’s first triathlon and we had to stay in Subic overnight.  We procrastinated booking a hotel room and thus ended up at the Subic International Hotel.  It was one of the mid-range priced hotels in Agoda and it was one of the remaining ones that still had rooms left.

Relying mainly on the Google Maps app, we made our way to the Subic International Hotel that weekend.  But we were surprised to find out that it was actually made up of four different buildings located in one compound.  We first went to the Delta building, which seemed like the newest one.  Then we had to go to the Bravo building, which was definitely older and more worn-out.


Checking in had been fairly efficient.  I had to make a deposit of P500 and reiterate that we needed an extra bed for Ate Wheng who joined us at the last minute.  While waiting to be checked in, I read some of the leaflets they had at the front desk.  One was about the wi-fi charges (P500 for 24 hours and maximum of 2 devices) and the massage service.  Despite my show of curiosity about these things though, the front desk people were not very keen on offering these services.  Plus, Agoda listed a swimming pool as part of the amenities but the receptionist did not bother telling us anything about it.

Anyway, I booked a Deluxe Room in the Bravo building and in spite of my request for an additional bed, we were surprised to find a king-sized bed in our room.  The receptionist could have asked us what type of room or beds we preferred.  But, we decided to let it go and checked the room’s features.

bed bugs to your right!

bed bugs to your right!

The first thing we noticed was that the TV was still not flatscreen.  But that was okay since there were lots of cable channels available.  Then we saw that all the outlets were on 110V!  But Moche assured me that it was okay and we could still use them.

relic from the American period

relic from the American period

 The bathroom really had a bathtub with shower but the peculiar thing about it was that the door had no lock.  One good thing though was that the sink was outside the bathroom so the three of us would be able to manage our time better.  But the thing was, the light above the sink was already burnt out!

we requested for an extra bed. you'd think they'd throw in some extra toiletries, too.

we requested for an extra bed. you’d think they’d throw in some extra toiletries, too.

We were already super hungry so we went out quickly.  We met housekeeping on the hallway and told her about the burnt out light.  She said that she’ll have it replaced.  But when we got back after our lunch, the sink remained dark and it stayed that way for the rest of our stay.


The following morning, while Moche was doing the bike part of his triathlon, Ate Wheng and I returned to the hotel to eat some breakfast.  The complimentary breakfast was not part of the buffet, but was a set meal instead.  There was a choice between a Filipino set and an American set.  After placing our order, we observed that a lot of the waitresses were just milling around and trying to look busy. We followed up our order several times but the waitresses seemed more interested in serving the American soldiers that were checked in the hotel for their joint military exercises with the Filipino troops.  It was really frustrating.  The waiter who took our order had to take a call after attending to us and it was 30 minutes later when he got off the phone. That was when he noticed us still sitting there and not eating.  Not 5 minutes later, there was finally food on the table.  It was really pathetic.

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I really don’t have anything great to say about our experience there.  I think the only good thing about the hotel was its location.  It was near the Harbor Point mall so we did not have too much trouble in finding food.  But basically, that was it.

But our bad experience did not end upon check out.  When we got home, I was sporting two insect bites on my leg and I was very sure I got that from the hotel.  When I told Moche about it, he said that he too had many insect bites on his arms and legs.  I think he got it worse than me because he slept longer on the bed.  Ate Wheng seemed okay because she ended up sleeping on the divan.

Conclusion: I will not stay there again.  I won’t even bother trying the newest wing.  Their charges are far too expensive for the experience and service that they offer.

Jayce Cairo

Jayce is a linguaphile who speaks four languages and currently works as a translator to finance her various interests. Scoring very high on “Openness to Experience” on the Big Five Personality Test, she is an avid globetrotter who aspires to retire at 35 and travel for the rest of her life.


  1. What a terrible hotel. I can’t blame the waitresses for keeping their eyes on the prize though. They would do the same if I was there. haha

  2. I’ve been there. You forgot to mention the amoy amag carpet.

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