Hotel Review: Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel

The main reason why, among the options that Jacq gave me, I chose Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel was because it was a fairly new hotel.  Constructed only in September 2011, the 3-star hotel boasts of budget-friendly and clean accommodations right in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter.  Our booking was made via and thanks to Jacq’s discount, we only had to pay 4161 PHP for 3 nights in one of their deluxe rooms.

Prior to our departure, we arranged for hotel transfer from the airport which cost us 16 USD or 353,600 VND.  A driver was already waiting for us at the airport when we got there and upon arriving at our street, he escorted us to the hotel and even carried my luggage.  Check in was fast, but it was the first time that my passport was taken as a form of deposit, stored in a safety box in the lobby until check out.  It felt to me like it was being taken hostage.  Hehe.  Then, the surprise came when the receptionist took our luggage and took us to the stairs.  Yes, we had to take the stairs, all the way to our room in the fourth floor.  It was a really good thing that he took our luggage (although mine was only about 7kg), but I was already wondering about check out time when my luggage would surely weigh more than on the first day.

Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel Review

up and down the stairs we’d go

When we got to our room, the receptionist turned on the wifi and gave us the password.  The speed was pretty decent at 9 Mbps in download and upload.   The receptionist then bid us good night and left us to rest.  Since it was winter, the air conditioning stayed off but there was plenty of ventilation from the room’s window.

Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel Review

The room was pretty decent, with clean sheets and towels.  Although the extra sheets inside the cabinet did not look too nice… The room comes with cable TV and it was also satisfactory with lots of channels to choose from, not only local ones.  There was also a couple of complimentary bottles of water.

Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel Review

The bathroom was okay, there was hot and cold water, the water pressure wa good and there was a hand-held bidet.  There were some complimentary toiletries as well.

Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel Review

We met three different receptionists, two boys and one girl, and all three were very friendly and helpful during the entirety of our stay.  They kept giving us orientation maps every time we went out.  Also, I got a very good deal from them when I needed to change money.  Their exchange rate was at 21,000 per 1 USD and they don’t have any service charge.  Also, the receptionists also took care of arranging our cab ride to the airport on our last day.

The hotel has a very good location.  It is in the same block as Pho 10, one of the best pho places in Hanoi, there was a travel agency next door, it is very near the Hoan Kiem Lake where the Water Puppet Theater, the Turtle Temple, the Temple of Jade Mountain and lots of cheaper souvenir shops are located.

Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel Review

Overall, despite their lack of elevator and complimentary breakfast, I would say that I had a good experience in this hotel.  The price was just right and we received great customer service from the staff.  So, if you are looking for a cheap place to stay with a very good location and don’t mind trudging up stairs, then Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel is a good place to stay in Hanoi.


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