Hotel Review: Amaris Thamrin City Hotel

The last phase of my research for my Going Solo in Indonesia trip consisted of looking for a hotel in Jakarta.  I decided that I would do 3D/2N in Bali then stay overnight in Jakarta.  And for that, I needed another hotel.  Thus, I thought that it would be a good idea to stay in Central Jakarta because, well, the center is the center.  And since I had no idea what to see in Jakarta, I decided to stay in the shopping area.  I was thinking that by the time I’m done with Bali, I would already be needing the comfort and familiarity that shopping malls provide.  But since I look for budget accommodations, I selected Amaris Thamrin City Hotel (42.94 USD = 1933.41 PHP for one night with breakfast).

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First of all, it was a really good thing that the Blue Bird taksi driver was familiar with the Amaris Thamrin City Hotel.  Following his progress using Google Maps, he made a beeline to my hotel and told me that the hotel was on the sixth floor of the Thamrin City Mall.  The hotel has its dedicated elevator on the left side, but there are no signs in the mall entrance that this was so.  It was a very good thing that the driver told me about the hotel so I knew what to expect.  If not, I definitely would’ve gotten lost (or at least spent a long time looking for it).  I went up the elevator and checked in.  The receptionist spoke very little English so she had to ask for the help of the others just to get to what I meant.

My room was satisfactory: it was spacious enough for 1-2 persons, it had a big bed, there was a full-length mirror, there was a good Wi-Fi connection and there was a safe and there were three hangers available.  However, the cable TV had very few channels and some of the English channels had weak signals.  In addition, the first time I opened the faucet, brown water came out.  Turned out that that would always be the case:  I would have to let the water run for a minute first before clean water would come out.  Then, the window opens to the next corridor and if you crane your head enough, you can already see into the room of your neighbor.  Thus, the window blind had to be shut at all times.

Amaris Thamrin City Hotel Amaris Thamrin City Hotel

Amaris Thamrin City Hotel

looking out the window

Amaris Thamrin City Hotel

Anyway, my room 651 is the first room in an intersection so everyone in my corridor passes by my door. There seemed to be no soundproofing whatsoever because I was able to hear the water from the other room when its occupant took a really long shower at 5 o’clock in the morning. Then an hour later, I heard several people talking very loudly with each other and sometimes yelling to another person at the end of the corridor.  Then, by 7 o’clock, my last hope of getting some shut eye, there was this other guest who took a phone call and was chatting very loudly in front of my room, unmindful of other guests.

Amaris Thamrin City Hotel

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In addition, the power outlets were only for two rounded pins.  If I were able to avoid them in touristy Bali, I couldn’t escape them in Jakarta.  In the end, I had to buy a 19,900 IDR adaptor from the mall so that I’d be able to charge my phone.

I booked my hotel from and I was getting free breakfast.  There were lots of choices available and it was buffet-style. Since I’m not big on eating rice for breakfast, I opted for some bread, orange marmalade, and, to my chagrin, margarine. Then I asked a cook to fry me an egg. Together with some coffee, I had a filling (but not very satisfying) breakfast.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend looking for another hotel.  The only thing good about the hotel was the location.  The Grand Indonesia Mall and Plaza Indonesia were next door, as well as the Bundaran HI busway station so it’s easy to go to Monas (the National Monument), Santa Theresia Church and Masjid Istiqlal.  But other than that, if you could spare some more time in researching for another hotel, do so and have this one as a last resort.

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 ***photos were taken using an iphone 5

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