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Thanks to my Navi Planner, I was finally able to stay at the Ace Hotel and Suites! I had this P2000 off coupon for an overnight stay at any of their rooms. The heat had been unbearable the past few days and I could not get any work on my blog done at home. Plus, it was Moche’s birthday weekend and he had a bike race early Sunday morning. So, it was the best time to have a staycation at a hotel in Pasig, near BGC where the race will be, so I could save up on the toll fee and some diesel money.

During the week before my stay, I called up Ace Hotel and Suites’ reservation office to make a reservation for one of their Deluxe Twin Sharing rooms. I was instructed to make a P2000 deposit at their BDO account. But that didn’t work out well, so they called me up to tell me that I didn’t need to make a deposit. I just had to pay everything upon check in. That was cool with me.

After my Saturday Spanish class and lunch at Nomama Artisanal Ramen in Capitol Commons, it was time to check in to the hotel. Check in was very efficient; they had my reservation in their database and they were aware that I would be using a Navi (Belle de Jour) coupon. By the way, my coupon would only be valid for their published room price, which was P6,489 per night on a Deluxe Twin-Sharing Room. In the end, I had to pay P4,489 which wasn’t far from the price per room had I booked through

Booking inclusions included a complimentary buffet breakfast and a complimentary four-hour use of the Ace Water Spa facilities. And, what surprised me that there were also a couple of discount coupons (P200 off) for when I would next visit Ace Water Spa. And for someone who loves Ace Water Spa, it was very great deal for me!

Ace Hotel and Suites CouponsMeanwhile, the room included double beds, a wardrobe with plenty of hangers (something I always look out for), flat screen cable TV with tons of channels, complimentary coffee and tea service, complimentary bottled water and complimentary wine. Yup, that wine on the table is yours!

Ace Hotel and Suites Ace Hotel and Suites Ace Hotel and Suites The bathroom was a bit of a disappointment – but only because there wasn’t any bathtub. I was expecting a bathtub because the room description in included a bathtub. And there was even a foam bath available. But it was okay. One thing worth noting, though, was that the shampoo, foam bath and lotion were not too fragrant.

Ace Hotel and Suites Ace Hotel and Suites

Moche took advantage of the cold and slept the afternoon away while I caught up on some of my backlog. It was fantastic! And because I had this promise to go back to my active lifestyle, I jogged at the Capitol Commons a bit before dinner.

The heat outside had been so great that Moche was already having a headache by the time we got back. So, he immediately proceeded to sleep since he had a bike race early the following day. Me? I still blogged and took advantage of the comfortable temperature.

The next day, we had to ask for the parking pass so we didn’t have to pay the parking fee when we headed out for the race. After the race, we headed back immediately so we wouldn’t miss the complimentary breakfast that was only from 6:00-9:30am.

I headed straight to the pancake station where there were a variety of garnishing to choose from. There was chocolate syrup, maple syrup, candied raspberries, cherries and strawberries. I had a little bit of everything. Then, I saw that their corned beef looked good, the soupy kind with lots of potatoes and onions. Yum! Then I had some of their uber crispy bacon and some of their sushi. Unfortunately, the sushi rolls were too big and I had a bit of trouble eating them. For dessert, I had some watermelon and some oranges and I had some brewed coffee and some fruit tea. All in all, breakfast at the Ace Hotel and Suites wasn’t too grandiose; the choices were not that many and the food was not too impressive. Except for the uber crispy bacon strips, it was just an average experience.

Anyway, I didn’t eat that much during breakfast because it was time to finally do some swimming at the lap pool. But I couldn’t go there directly so I took some time first at the hot herbal pools, alternating my hot soaks with the freezing dips at the cold pool. It is supposedly best to improve the immune system. Then, I had some go at the sauna but it was too hot at 85 degrees so I could only stay for 3 minutes at a time. Then it was time to do some laps at the lap pool.

Read more about the Ace Water Spa.

After having a great time at the water spa, it was time to check out. It was a bit of a wait since Ace Hotel and Suites had plenty of guests that weekend. But it was during the wait that I overheard that the wine was complimentary. Hahaha! So, the wine was brought down from the room and given to us.

Overall, I had a fantastic weekend because of my stay at the Ace Hotel and Suites. It’s a good hotel and the staff was great, too. The receptionist even remembered my name when I was asking him for the car pass! Plus, the location was also good, near a lot of eating places in Kapitolyo and the Capital Commons. Lastly, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a good staycation. Kids and adults alike would surely enjoy their stay there.


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  1. oooh babe very nice! sana we could staycation also when i go back home. oooh and do you have enough discounted tickets to include me on your next visit? hehe. 🙂

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