Hidden Gems of Boracay

Look for cheap Jetstar airlines flights to one of the world-famous islands, Boracay. Thousands of tourists flock here from all corners of the world to explore the dream-like destination. Get ready to enjoy these secluded coastal towns, white sandy beaches, and quaint coffee shops – the hidden gems of Boracay.

Book flights to Boracay online and take advantage of those promos and bargain bookings for hotels and flights. Boracay island has a lot more to offer than those popular beach spots. The charm of this place will beckon you every year.

Here are some of the most popular spots to explore while in Boracay.

Hidden Gems of Boracay Philippines

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Enjoy a drink at Prisma

The modern tropical bar, Prisma is very popular among the locals and tourists. It boasts of the most extensive rum collection  and specialty cocktails in the country. Enjoy those thoughtfully crafted drinks within the vibrant atmosphere of the bar. This is your chance to mingle with the locals and make new friends.

Prisma Boracay

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Find an isaw

Ask any local where to find an isaw stand. These stands are simply found along the shores and serve as great afternoon snacks. Isaw, which are actually chicken intestines, tastes like barbecue but is juicier and chewier. Enjoy the great offering of the island.


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Explore the Virtual World

Head for the High-End Virtual Reality Arcade in the Philippines and enjoy playing the latest games. Enjoy world-class entertainment due to cutting-edge hardware and state-of-the-art technology. Lose yourself in virtual reality, and the virtual world must be tried at least once.

Collect shells at Puka Beach

The Puka Beach provides a perfect escape from the crowds. Famous for the natural puka shells, this beach is secretly tucked away at the northern tip of Boracay. It is not as crowded, and the waters are clearer but rougher. Take a dip only if you are an experienced swimmer.

Puka Beach Boracay Philippines

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Swim in Jawili Beach

If you are adventurous enough, just take the 30-minute drive from Caticlan Port to reach Jawili Beach. You will discover a hidden vacation spot that boasts of majestic falls, rock formations, and tranquil beach. Get away from the crowds to relax on the tranquil beach and take a refreshing swim.

Jawili Beach Philippines

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Jump from Ariel’s Point

You must visit this eco-adventure destination that is located within Boracay Island. It is just a short scenic boat ride away and offers you ample opportunities for swimming and diving from those cliff-diving platforms. Apart from that, you can enjoy kayaking and paddle boarding.


Cold Springs in Nabas town

The magical island is loaded with many breathtaking nature spots, and most of them are yet to be discovered. One such spot is Nabas town that is home to three cold springs. Thus, if you are looking for respite from the searing summer heat, just take a ride from Caticlan Port to Nabas town and enjoy a cool dip in the chilly spring water that flows in from the towering peaks of Aklan.


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Ilig-Iligan Beach for extreme sports adventure

Ilig-Iligan Beach is uninhabited but offers the best opportunity for extreme sports. Take the shuttle service to reach the island and get ready to explore the untamed basins of waters here. Do not get fooled by the calm vibes of the beach as its waters can be tough to handle by casual swimmers. You can surf, parasail and snorkel in those clear and cold waters.


Romance at Bulabog Beach

Another one of Boracay’s hidden gems is located towards the northeast part of the island: the Bulabog Beach. Often overlooked by tourists, the beach is undeniably stunning, and because of its secluded location, very few make the effort to venture there.  However, it is easy to reach this beautiful beach, and it is worth the visit. You can have a relaxing day here with your loved ones and enjoy a picnic.

Bulabog Beach Boracay Philippines

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