Hello, again, Ace Water Spa!

JSR and I went to the Ace Water Spa at Pasig yesterday.  We were initially having second thoughts about going, but I finally convinced us when the FAQs on their website enticed me to relive my previous spa experience.

It was my second time to do hydrotherapy at Ace, the first time being at their Banawe, QC branch with PNG.  It had been free courtesy of the coupons from the Belle de Jour planner.  It had been a really great experience because it was my first spa experience ever and it was not traumatic at all.

If my first time had been for free, this time, we got these vouchers from Cash Cash Pinoy and got passes for 50% of the usual price.  The fee is not that expensive (P550 for adults and P250 for kids), but why pass up a discount right?

So this time, we went to the new Ace at Pasig.  It seemed a bit smaller than the QC branch but all the good stuff are there:  massage stations, herbal pools, sauna, steam room, a lap pool and even a kiddie pool.  Plus, the free use of swim caps and lockers and shampoo and body wash and hairdryers!  It was still really cool and JSR loved it!  The place is clean and the staff are still wholesome, although I missed the Hawaiian shirts of those in QC.

And that’s actually the reason why I love Ace:  no one touches you!  Hahaha!  It’s only water pressure and bubbles that massage your body.  There is this big pool of heated water wherein there are massage stations that focus on different parts of your body.  The stations are labeled like Jet Chair Massage or Bubble Pool, and they also indicate what body parts they are for like your back, waist, stomach, etc.  They also thoughtfully indicated whether or not the pressure is soft, moderate or hard, and what type of illness they are to sooth, like insomnia, constipation and even physical and emotional exhaustion!  Haha!  It’s just so fun!

My favorite station is the Rainfall Acupuncture and the Hydro-Buoyancy Massage.  In the Rainfall Acupuncture, we had to lie on our stomachs and let jets of water fall down our shoulders, back and legs.  It was terrific!  Meanwhile, water pressure comes from the bottom of the pool at the Hydro-Buoyancy station.  It’s jut so amusing trying to do an indian seat while the water floats you up like a genie.  Haha!  Of course there are hand rails to hold on to.  These handrails are relly essential particularly for people like me who only weigh 90lbs.  The pressure – hard, moderate or soft – are just too much for my light body and I could easily float away.  This ia particularly true for the Bubble Bed.  It’s only a moderate massage but it was a struggle to stay put and lie there.

Anyway, aside from the massage stations, we took advantage of their jacuzzi and herbal baths.  There are there types of herbal baths:  Mint (36 deg C), Jasmine (38 deg C), and Lavander (40 deg C).  The idea is that you soak in a bath for 3-5 minutes, then cool of on the ice cold pool for 5 seconds and then soak again on another hot bath.  It was crazy!  Haha!  This extreme change in temperature is supposed to make you sturdier and less prone to colds.  But, We could only soak on the Mint pool but we could not bring ourselves over to the only cold pool in the facility.  There are other alternatives like the Bucket Shower and the Eight Point Shower, and thankfully the water is just lukewarm.

After the soaks, we did the sauna.  My previous experience with this was that it was so hot and I could not breathe at all!  But thanks to the newness of the facilities, I made it and we stayed there twice, only 5 minutes each time.

One stay at the water spa is good for 4 hours but really, that’s plenty.  We were both so hungry after 3 hours that we just had to rinse off and go off to eat.

It had been a really great experience and I really can’t wait to go back there and have watery fun all over again.  ÜÜÜ

Jayce Cairo

Jayce is a linguaphile who speaks four languages and currently works as a translator to finance her various interests. Scoring very high on “Openness to Experience” on the Big Five Personality Test, she is an avid globetrotter who aspires to retire at 35 and travel for the rest of her life.

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