Going Solo in Indonesia: Trip Preparations

Ten months ago, I booked a P2.00 flight to Jakarta from a Cebu Pacific sale.  I was planning on joining Travel Factor’s Surfvivor Bali tour.  They were going to Bali by way of Jakarta but joiners must arrange their own flights.  Because of that, I booked a flight to Bali via Air Asia and I thought that I was all set.  But then, Cebu Pacific started offering direct flights to Bali and all my plans changed.  I suddenly had to travel to Indonesia all by myself.  I wasn’t planning on traveling alone to Indonesia but I already had plane tickets and I couldn’t put them to waste.  Thus, my adventure of going solo in Indonesia was born.

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Eight months later, I started writing an introduction to this post which detailed the progress of my research.  I started narrating about how I finally finished reading Eat, Pray, Love hoping to gain wisdom from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Love journey, about how I even considered retracing her footsteps throughout the island and about how I ended up scrapping the whole idea because lots of other women were already doing the same thing.  Pretty lame if you ask me.

And with that, I moved on and read as much as I could.  But it really wasn’t much.  I did some reading on how to move around Bali, on which area to stay (a tie between Kuta and Ubud) and some of the things to do.  However, I spent most of my time reviewing the various budget hotels listed in Agoda.com (I had a very tight budget because I was just recovering from our Singapore-Malaysia trip).  Meanwhile, I found a Tripadvisor review of a fantastic driver in Bali.  And that pretty much describes the entirety of my research.

I booked the hotel a month in advance and the driver a couple of weeks after.  And with that, my preparations for going solo in Indonesia was half covered:  I would tour Bali with a fantastic driver and later check in at a hotel in Kuta Beach.  The other half of my stay?  I would have to play by ear.

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Meanwhile, I have pretty much kept my trip hush-hush.  I have this history of jinxing my plans whenever I am loose-lipped about them.  So, the only people who I told were those whose advice I asked from, like my friends who have lived in Indonesia and those who have gone there for vacation.  Other than that, I put off letting people know up to the last minute.  I was both excited and terrified of the idea of traveling by myself but I would like to have a choice on the matter.  I would rather not jinx it.

Watch out for the next installment of my Going Solo in Indonesia series!

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