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Exactly a week before I was leaving for Europe, I discovered a way to ensure that I made the most of this trip of a lifetime: the iVideo Pocket WiFi. In exchange for a review, this fabulous company let me use one of their pocket WiFis during my #EURockMyWorld tour. Jump at the opportunity I did, and it was definitely one of the contributing factors to my vacation’s success.

iVideo Pocket WiFi Review

The perks of being connected 24/7

I am no stranger to having a pocket WiFi when traveling abroad as we rented one during my first trip to Japan. In this world of technological dependency, it has become increasingly difficult to move around without being connected to the internet. Neither does this pertain solely to being able to post #atm photos on Instagram or Facebook or a witty observation on Twitter. For travelers, this means so much more.

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1. Being connected saves time. Knowing which bus/train to take at which stop/station at what specific time will help in maximizing a day of touring and commuting. It also dramatically reduces the risk of being stranded in a strange place. Certainly, the day’s commute could be planned with the hotel’s free WiFi in the morning, but life, accidents and natural disasters happen and could derail a perfectly planned itinerary. Being connected provides a kind of adaptability in the face of the unexpected.

I spy the London Eye. 🎡 #EURockMyWorld

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2. Being connected lets you stick to your budget. As a corollary to the first, having the internet and being on top of your transportation needs is a surefire way to stick to your budget. Believe me, renting a pocket WiFi is so much more cost-effective than forfeiting your first night at a hotel because you missed the last train going there. This also ensures that you won’t have to run around like a headless chicken in a strange city where hotel prices are all five-star, in the middle of the night, while dragging around a 15 kg luggage. Yup, I’ve been there.

3. Being connected saves money. Not only does having a pocket WiFi ensure you stay on budget, it also helps save money during the vacation itself. Since Europe seems to be the land of free walking tours, I was able to avail several free walking tours during my stay. I did pre-book with SANDEMANs NEW Europe for their free London and Paris Tours but in Paris, I met a couple of fellow solo travelers who had the great idea of joining another free walking tour. Hence, we saved approximately €20 by only giving out tips instead of paying that on top of tour fees.

4. Being connected gives an added layer of security. For a (paranoid) female solo traveler like me, the iVideo Pocket WiFi functioned as a sort of security blanket during my Euro trip. I would always return to my Airbnb accommodations late and I was always thinking of getting raped or mugged or kidnapped #babyfaceproblems. So, I was chatting with my friends the whole time and I also made sure to post my photos with newly-met people on social media – making myself feel that if I suddenly disappeared, people would know whom to ask and maybe where to look. These things are time-sensitive and will definitely not wait for the hotel’s free WiFi (if you could).

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5. Being connected lets you share excitement and happiness to the world as soon as possible. I am pretty notorious among my circles for always posting photos late (if at all) and I discovered that having access to the internet all the time helped with that. Sure, I wasn’t looking at my phone the whole time I was in Europe, but I did manage to update not just my Instagram account, but my blog as well! I was able to publish a post during my trip, something that happened for the first time.

Bonjour from ma petite chambre here in Paris! 🇫🇷 #EURockMyWorld #HappyNewYear

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My iVideo Pocket WiFi Rental Experience

I had a really great experience using the iVideo Pocket WiFi. It gave me the independence from not having to rely on iffy public WiFis, prevented me from paying for exorbitant roaming data charges and let my phone dedicate its battery to taking photos or checking Google maps. I received the device before my trip so I did not have to worry about what to do and where to go upon my arrival. With iVideo, I did not have to worry at all about returning the device because their service includes free return shipping. Together with the device and charger, iVideo will send a filled out FedEx return form and envelope. I just dropped off the device at FedEx when I got back from my trip, something I did during my free time, sans the stress of rushing. That was also pretty awesome. (Clarification: FedEx delivery is applicable only to those not going to Japan, Taiwan and the US as it’s a pick up system for these countries.)

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One thing worth noting about the device was that its battery barely lasted me 24 hours. I had to make sure to recharge it at night while I used my accommodations’ free WiFi. Also, I did encounter a mishap when I suddenly could not connect to the pocket WiFi. But a silver lining was that I was able to test their customer service. I contacted them and they were able to properly instruct me on how to do troubleshooting. It was very quick and efficient and I truly appreciated that.

Planning for your next trip? Try the iVideo Pocket WiFi and make sure you get the most out of it. Register on this link and log on with your newly registered ID. Don’t forget to add my email address as your reference: Sign up now so you can avail of their promos!

Important Update:

Upon creating your account on the iVideo website, click My Account >> Enter Promo Code and use my special promo code AKKZZZMKEOJFMRII to get a 3 USD discount on your rental. Don’t forget to add my email address ( as your reference!

For travel bloggers: Free 10-day trial offer in exchange for a review. Drop them a message on their Facebook Fan Page below.

Bon voyage!

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