First Time to Fly PAL

It all started with the Great Miles Getaway 2012 last February:  I redeemed 10,000 miles to get this 50% off ticket, only to end up paying P9,018 for taxes and other fees.  That was, of course, met with a lot of pain and heartache, seeing as to how unplanned that cost came up.  But in the end, it was totally worth it.


It was my first time to fly PAL and my adventure really started at the Terminal 2 airport.  It turned out that the travel tax was already paid for in my ticket, which was a real blessing because I only brought P2000 with me to the airport.  It wasn’t the first time that I became thankful of the P9018 that I paid last Feb.  Terminal fee is P700 and the Immigration interrogation had been uncharacteristically painless!  They initially seemed wary that I was traveling alone, but when I explained to them that I am meeting a friend from Singapore there at the BKK airport, and when they flipped to my multi-stamped passport, they eased up on me and let me through.  I was floating on cloud 9 by then.  Then came the wait at the airport lounge.  I made myself wait beside this caucasian guy who later turned out to be my seatmate on the plane!


The PAL airplane had been the big one, the BOEing B747-400, which has these monitors for each passenger.  This inflight entertainment program was called the Flights of Fancy, and has a very updated movie, tv and music library.  Too bad that the flight attendant took me by surprise when she asked if I wanted a headset.  I immediately refused, only to find out later on that it is for the Flights of Fancy.  Too bad.


After about an hour, they started to serve lunch!  It was my first inflight meal and I was so excited!  Haha!  I had to choose between chicken or fish and I chose the first.  Here’s a photo of my still covered lunch.


After lunch, they even gave us ice cream!  It was my first time to eat an Arce Dairy ice cream.  Too bad it was quezo real…

I spent the rest of the flight taking photos of the inflight magazine and reading A Dance with Dragons. Then we landed at BKK.

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Jayce Cairo

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