A Day in Tagaytay

Sixty kilometers south of Manila is one of the country’s most popular destinations: Tagaytay City. It attracts local and foreign tourists alike because of its close proximity to Manila, its cooler temperature and the scenic views of the Taal Volcano. It is famous for a lot of tourist destinations like the Picnic Grove, People’s Park and Sonya’s Garden.  But these days, the volume of tourists that flock to the country’s second summer capital has made getting to these tourist spots very frustrating.  A day in Tagaytay City would now be made up mostly of waiting inside the car, waiting for the traffic to move, finding a parking space and waiting in line for something.  Nevertheless, I recently endured all these and went there to check out some of the places where tourists flock.

Pink Sisters Convent

The Adoration Convent of the Divine Mercy is better known as the Pink Sisters Convent.  It is home to a community of nuns in pink habit who have devoted their life to worshipping God through silence and praying seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.

Pink Sisters Tagaytay

LZM Restaurant

After a short mass at the Pink Sisters, lunch would be in order. While Leslie’s in Tagaytay seems to be the top-of-mind restaurant for a bowl of bulalo, the LZM Restaurant just across it would do just fine.

Boneless Bangus LZM Restaurant

Boneless Bangus (P400)

Bulalo LZM Restaurant

Bulalo (P470)

Crispy Pata LZM Restaurant

Crispy Pata (P470)

Pinakbet LZM Restaurant

Pinakbet (P290)

Halabos na Hipon LZM Restaurant

Halabos na Hipon (P350)

Puzzle Mansion

After a very filling lunch, head over to the Puzzle Mansion, home to the world’s largest collection of jigsaw puzzles.  This collection is owned by Mrs. Georgina Gil-Lacuna who received the Guinness World Records on November 29, 2012. Mrs. Lacuna has been collecting puzzles for 26 years and her largest puzzle has 18,000 pieces.

Puzzle Mansion

P100 entrance fee

Largest Puzzle Mansion

18,000 pieces

Guinness World Record Mickey Puzzle Mansion

Mona Lisa Mansion Exhibit

3D Puzzle Mansion

3D Puzzle

Mickey Puzzle Mansion

Souvenirs Puzzle Mansion

Have your photo taken and have it printed out in jigsaw puzzle!

Souvenir Shop Puzzle Mansion

Souvenir Shop


Checking out the Puzzle Mansion really brought me back to my childhood days when jigsaw puzzles were my number 1 toys.  I kept thinking that had I pursued that hobby I would’ve had my own puzzle mansion.  Anyway, I liked that place a lot.  Hopefully I could go back there and brave the steep roads again with my trusty Rogue.


***all photos were taken using iphone 5.

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