Crescendo to Letdown: Better to Just Hush

Yup, I believe the title just about sums up what I think about these fallen angel books by Becca Fitzpatrick.  Granted, the third book in the saga is not yet out, God knows how many there are, but after reading the first two, I would not be one to expect anything divine.

I don’t claim to be a great writer but I do recognize good writing when I see one.  Unfortunately, these books are so miserably written that it is such a letdown from the very intriguing titles – particularly of the first book: Hush, Hush.  The books are written using the first person’s limited P.O.V. and this perspective had really been frustrating.  This is the first 1st-person-pov book wherein I could not completely relate to the main character.  I continuously found it frustrating to share the sentiments and thought processes that were fed to me.  This is not to say that every book’s character should think along the same lines to fit my cognition, but there is always logic and consistency to take into consideration.  First, Nora Grey is supposed to be this down-to-earth, studious, logical high school student whose Dad was murdered by an unknown entity.  But with the way the author treated her character, you’d think she’s a dunce who can’t think straight and would never know better.

So, she got together with this fallen angel who calls himself Patch (real name: Jev).  Now this angel seems to be so innately lusty that he went after a human and therefore fell from grace.  Due to a series of confusing events, he regained his wings when he rejected Nora’s sacrificial death, which was supposed to turn him into a human.  He then became her guardian angel and boyfriend.  Now this is where it gets stickier.

I am not an expert on angels but I would think it highly irregular to be in a romantic relationship with an angel, much less with your guardian angel.  All sorts of conflicts of interest just come to mind.  Angels are supposed to be beyond human emotions and faults but Patch seems to be saturated with them i.e. he gambles, he has issues with authority, he flirts, etc.

But Nora got it worse.  She would rather believe a fallen angel’s lies than the truth told by her boy-angel.  I know that insecurity is a given among teenage girls, but this is ridiculous.  She’d rather believe that Patch would prefer Marcie (a supposedly more attractive girl who puts out) over her, than believe that he has sworn himself only to her.  Of course, there were hints of infidelity but come on, angels are not supposed to lie, right?

Aside from this character treatment, plot development leaves a lot for improvement.  I just hate the way chapters end:  they do not provide closure nor ease the way for the next series of events.  It’s like always having the rug pulled out under your feet.  It is not at all credible that if a disaster occurs tonight I could sleep it off and wake up the next day as if nothing happened and just remember it in an off-hand way about 12 hours later.  The events just seem disjointed and surreal all the time.

I have just finished Crescendo and book three Silence will be out on October 4.  The cover is already available to titillate readers.  Frankly, if it weren’t for the cover, I would not have even bothered to read Hush, Hush in the first place.  What they say is true, don’t judge a book by its cover.  So, don’t buy this book just because of the cover, you can have mine if you like.

hush hush

Jayce Cairo

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