Restaurant Review: Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar

Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen and Bar

Finally, one of Aldous‘ food tasting events has led me to a Japanese restaurant.  Seems like the ramen craze that hit Manila has hit me, too.  Starting with that fateful night at Kichitora, Moche and I have since been on the lookout for ramen places.  The feature restaurant?  Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen…

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Restaurant Review: Tipple & Slaw

Tipple and Slaw

Tipple and slaw. What is a tipple?  What is a slaw?  Two quirky names brought together to tease the tongue and ears.  A tipple is an alcoholic drink and a slaw is your coleslaw.  But no, the menu is not all about drinks and salads, it offers so much more!…

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Lunch for 2 at Motorino Pizza

Motorino Pizza -

This year’s anniversary with Moche found me having to work at the Spanish Film Festival. And because of that, we had very limited time to celebrate the 6th year of our togetherness. We actually only had lunch and we decided to try out Motorino Pizza, this new pizza place at…

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Restaurant Review: The Backyard Reservoir

The Backyard, chasing jayce

A girl from the “South” could not possibly be expected to know much about the goings-on in the North, right?  So when Aldous invited me to another food tasting event at 33A Malingap St. in Teachers Village in Quezon City, I was surprised to find that The Backyard Reservoir was not…

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Restaurant Review: Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf - Greenbelt 3

Banana Leaf was one of the restaurants that I never had the inkling to try.  It’s been in Greenbelt 3 for quite some time now but the idea of eating “fusion” just hasn’t felt appealing.  It basically rings “Filipinized other-country cuisine” to my ears.  So, what basically persuaded me and…

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Restaurant Review: Skippy’s Bar & Grill

Skippy's Bar & Grill Chicken Parmigiana

My third blogging event took me to a gastronomic adventure for food that I’d be experiencing for the first time: Australian food at Skippy’s Bar & Grill!  There are only a handful of places that serve Australian food in the metropolis and I’d never thought of eating in one because…

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Restaurant Review: Nomama Artisanal Ramen

Nomama Artisanal Ramen Capitol Commons

I never thought I’d go back to Nomama Artisanal Ramen after my first time there last January.  I made a mistake in ordering and ended up eating Tempura, not one of my favorite dishes since I find it too oily to be enjoyable.  But a colleague from the office told…

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Restaurant Review: Red Onion Cafe

Red Onion Cafe - UP Town Center

It was my second blogger event and there was plenty of lead time in between Aldous‘ invitation and the actual event so I was more prepared.  The restaurant for review would be Red Onion Cafe, one of the restaurants at the UP Town Center.  I was very excited because it would…

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Restaurant Review: Grilla Bar and Grill

Grilla Bar and Restaurant -

It was my very first blogger event.  I was having a Me-day in Glorietta one Saturday when Aldous messaged me in Facebook and asked if I was free to join a food event at the Grilla Bar and Restaurant near Rockwell later that day.  Since I had no plans and I have never…

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Restaurant Review: La Petite Camille

restaurant review la petite camille

Originating in San Francisco, California, La Petite Camille is a Vietnamese restaurant (don’t let the French name fool you) and is one of my recent finds.  I like Vietnamese food (the few that I’ve tried) and I’m always open to try something new.  So, I went to this restaurant in Greenbelt…

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Restaurant Review: Nam Nam

I finally got to try Nam Nam last Friday when I had dinner with some of my friends from college.  This restaurant specializes in Filipino dishes, some are old school while others are offered with a “twist”.  Nam Nam hails it name from the word “malinamman”, meaning delicious. Nam Nam…

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Eats January 2014

Can you believe that January is already over?! It flew by so fast I can’t remember what I did the last 31 days!  Well, let me have a bit of a lookback on the past month through the places where I was able to eat for the first time.  Since…

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