Life Yoga

Life Yoga BGC Chasing Jayce

I had always wanted to write about yoga, especially after giving it a go as one of the health and wellness activities in the company I used to work with. Now, a chance to feature it has come and I am glad it did. Life Yoga is one of the…

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Sip and Gogh, Go, Go!

Sip & Gogh

I didn’t give it much thought when Jam told me we’re doing Sip and Gogh. I didn’t even research about it. I just knew that it would involve sipping something and painting something van Gogh. And after an almost hour-long ride to Capitol Hills, I finally found out that I…

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2013 Goals: Year-End Evaluation

I believe that having goals is important.  They force us to envision the future and prompt us into following through.  Ten years ago, I evolved from having “New Year’s resolutions” into setting New Year’s goals for myself.  The way I see it, having goals to meet instead of resolutions to…

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Montero Diaries: Nuvali

montero diaries: nuvali

Today, I drove my mother, sisters, niece, nephew and boyfriend to Nuvali and I experienced a number of firsts, namely: navigating our narrow and tricycle-laden streets (drove up the curb as I was turning down a blind corner, too) highway driving (maximum speed ever at 80kph) and almost hitting a…

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Montero Diaries: Prologue

Monter Diaries: Prologue

Truth is, I never imagined myself buying a car.  Much less, driving a car.  I promised myself that I would only buy a car once I could also afford to hire a personal driver.  So, I had to make a big adjustment when my parents finally decided to get a…

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Welcome to!

I’ve just bought my own website.  Yipee! I will now migrate all my previous posts from to this blog,  Transferring the media content would take some time but after I am done with that, I will delete the other blog.  Or something.  Haha! So, from now on, enjoy…

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Just Keep Swimming

Makati Aquatic Sports Arena MASA

Now that my swimming lessons are over, I would like to rave a bit about it.  It might sound too dramatic for others who were fortunate enough to learn how to swim at an early age, but for one who had always been bereft of opportunities, this is a big…

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Badminton: My Latest Endeavour

Today, my body aches after my latest attempt at being sporty: badminton. For the first time in my life, I played badminton yesterday! And I had so much fun! I made so many mistakes as well, so the parts of my body that shouldn’t be aching are now keeping me…

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Yonex Badminton Shoes

So I have been babbling about playing this game since I fell in love with this training shoes. And now, the stars have lined up to give me this opportunity to take a shot at that shuttlecock. I have never played badminton before, badminton with my 5 y.o. niece obviously…

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