Hidden Gems of Boracay

Hidden Gems of Boracay Philippines

Look for cheap Jetstar airlines flights to one of the world-famous islands, Boracay. Thousands of tourists flock here from all corners of the world to explore the dream-like destination. Get ready to enjoy these secluded coastal towns, white sandy beaches, and quaint coffee shops – the hidden gems of Boracay.…

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The Awesome 2017 That Was

Awesome 2017 featured thumb

If any year deserves a year-ender post, it’s 2017. While living through 2016 was like getting caught in a quicksand where the more you struggle the deeper you sink, 2017 was very akin to my first full-marathon experience, a very strong start, an arduous middle but a very rewarding finish.…

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Sohoton Cove Itinerary, Budget and Travel Tips

Sohoton Cove Itinerary, Budget and Travel Tips-thumb

Bucas Grande, also known as Socorro, is a beautiful and remote island not far from Surigao City, which has many smaller islands surrounding it. These islands are all covered with thick jungles, full of exotic plants and animals. Secluded white beaches, hidden lagoons and caves, waterfalls and diving spots are…

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Top Surfing Spots in Hawaii

Top Surfing Spots in Hawaii chasingjayce.com

The waters of the oceans cover most parts of the world resulting in a plethora of beaches and spots to surf. While some waves rise higher than the others, there is no place like Hawaii to hone your surfing skills. The island is considered to be the birthplace of surfing,…

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My 2016. #nofilter

My 2016 nofilter, Chasing Jayce

With two and a half more hours left in my train ride from London to Edinburgh, I finally get the quiet time I need to compose a year-ender post. I was not able to do this type of post last year as I was still reeling from the aftermath of…

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Team Aldous Turns Three

Maraschino Bakeshop: Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Topping

Not so long ago, I found myself accepting an invite from a total stranger – an invitation to review a restaurant. It was my first time to attend any event as a blogger and that night was the gateway to a whole new world. My usher? Aldous of Aldous Ate…

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