Badminton: My Latest Endeavour

Today, my body aches after my latest attempt at being sporty: badminton. For the first time in my life, I played badminton yesterday! And I had so much fun!

I made so many mistakes as well, so the parts of my body that shouldn’t be aching are now keeping me from leaving the bed. My whole right arm hurts, but most particularly my wrist. I had this stupid way of holding the racket that when I flicked my wrist, the butt end slams against it. I now have a bruise there.

One other notable thing I discovered yesterday is that there are so many rules to keep in mind! Hahaha! I’m sure i studied these rules back in high school, but with the way I studied – memorization good for the next 24 hours only – I was surprised that some of the rules even existed! And while they were orienting me on the rules of playing doubles, I immediately thought about running and how there are basically next-to-nil rules to follow. I do not need to be conscious of any white lines or where to position myself or basically what to legally do with myself. In running, there are tricks on how to do well but it’s mostly being on the fly.

BUT, I still have high hopes for this sport because according to my colleagues, I hit pretty hard for a beginner. They say that this is a good thing, and what they gave me is actually a compliment. And this gave me the motivation to do as they told me: TRAIN. I am now formally enrolled to train in badminton every Mondays and Fridays for the next 6 weeks.

And, boy, am I excited. ^__^

Jayce Cairo

Jayce is a linguaphile who speaks four languages and currently works as a translator to finance her various interests. Scoring very high on “Openness to Experience” on the Big Five Personality Test, she is an avid globetrotter who aspires to retire at 35 and travel for the rest of her life.

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