An Afternoon at the Art in Island Museum

It was our idea of a fun and cheap team building activity that landed us one afternoon at the Art in Island Museum. I heard about this 3D art museum when it opened in Cubao late last year but I never got the chance to check it out. So when our team was looking for a venue for our team building, it was one of the places I recommended. Good thing it fit our budget so we were able to spend one afternoon there.

Once everyone in the team has gathered at the entrance, we bought our tickets from the counter where we also had our shoes deposited. Yes, no shoes allowed inside the museum. So if you don’t feel like walking around on your bare feet, I suggest you bring your own socks. Art in Island also offers socks on site but they are P150 a pair (they are actually yoga socks with traction beads on the soles and are stamped with the Art in Island brand).

Once all of that was done, we ventured inside where we had a brief introduction on the subject of perspective (Psych 135 anyone?) and illusions. It started out pretty mild, me, feeling a bit let down, not experiencing any life-changing moment. I tried taking photos of my teammates from the recommended angles but the wall-floor or wall-ceiling joints and reflections on the floors were throwing me off, quite frankly.

However, it started getting better eventually. I got the hang of taking photos, my teammates started loosening up and made some pretty creative poses. Here are some of them:

Anton Art in Island

The innocent Anton.

Chrissie Paddling Art in Island


Sae texting Art in Island


Bern and her head stand Art in Island

Bern and her famous head stand

Flying Soo Art in Island


Anne Art in Island


Run Anne Art in Island

Run Anne!

Gary Art in Island


Anne Art in Island


Anton on Horses Art in Island

Giddiyap let’s go!

Bern or Eve Art in Island


Best Actress Gina Art in Island

Best pose: Gina.

Jayce Art in Island

On y va!

Jane Art in Island


Bern or Angel Jane Art in Island

Too bad I didn’t have a photo of the giggling nuns who had their photos taken here.

Happy birthday Art in Island

van Gogh Art in Island

photo bombing the Starry Starry Night

Bail me out Art in Island

Feeling Angel Art in Island

Mandatory angel pose

Bail me out Art in Island

It’s nice to be tall once in a while.

Giant Art in Island


Yes, it is necessary to dig deep and internalize so that you could take full advantage of this place. You would also have to like posing and having your photo taken. Patience is also a requirement since there are always lots of guests (we were there on a Thursday but it was still full). Lastly, as tripods are not allowed in this place, a lot of trial and error would be involved. But in the end, it can be as fun as you can imagine it, too.

***all photos were taken using iPhone 6

Art in Island
175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro
1109 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. no.: +63 2 421 1356

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