Ahoy, Hanoi! (Part 2)

Our second day in Hanoi was Ha Long Bay day!  We weren’t too excited about this because related literature told us that Ha Long Bay is not 100% enjoyable during the winter months.  We were expecting low visibility due to the fog and an overall gray day due to the winter gloom.  Just the same, we went ahead with the Ha Long Bay cruise because 1.) it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site 2.) we were already there in Hanoi and 3.) we had nothing better/planned to do.  However, we restricted ourselves to the day tour instead of the recommended overnight cruise, which is really best during the summer.

Where we booked our Ha Long Bay day tour

In preparation for the trip, we bought breakfast at the nearby Joma Bakery Café.  I had a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese (50,000 VND) and some regular macchiato con panna (35,000 VND).  Note that Joma Bakery Café serves Lao Arabica coffee so I was able to enjoy two types of coffee in Vietnam.  Anyway, I opted for a heavy breakfast because I knew we were in for a long ride to Ha Long Bay – about 3.5 hours long.  I also bought some chocolate croissant (35,000 VND) to serve as a snack during the trip.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very clear when I ordered. My idea was that only the croissant was to be for take out but I received all my order all wrapped up and ready to go.  So, we ended up eating our breakfast at the hotel lobby where the tour guide found us at 8:00 for our day trip at Ha Long Bay.  We were the first to be picked up and it was a very lucky thing, too because we got to choose our seats.  Apparently, lots of people were part of our tour group and a number of them had to sit on the jump seats, which of course was even more uncomfortable in a 3.5-hour trip.  After all the joiners were collected from their hotels, our coaster fuelled up first then off we went to Ha Long Bay.

Our tour guide started orienting us about the long ride and Ha Long Bay.  He was very optimistic that the day would be clear, better than the previous day’s rain and mist. But during the ride, I couldn’t see anything out my window.

Joy Travel tour guide

our tour guide from Joy Travel

We had a stopover after a couple of hours where everyone got to use the restrooms and buy some food and souvenirs.  During the stopover, we were able to see the coasters being washed of the lahar-like mud that covered them.  After that, I was able to see out my window.

We arrived at the dock by 12:42pm where I heard some of the tourists complain to the tour guide that they were promised a completely different experience, consisting primarily of non-cramped seats in a coaster.  I didn’t really hear what the tour guide replied to that.  I just remembered that it was possible, too, that all of us were charged differently for the tour.

Joy Travel Junk

our junk is the one to the left

Anyway, we boarded our junk 30 minutes later where we discovered that we would have to share a table with four other tourists.  Jacq and I were sandwiched between a German couple and two Italians whom I nicknamed the Mario brothers.

Winter at Ha Long Bay

outside the junk

At 1:30pm, lunch was finally served.  It was a really good thing that I had a croissant in between our early breakfast and super late lunch because if not, it was possible that I would’ve gone all The Hulk.

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Ha Long Bay Lunch

our really bitin lunch

The previous night, Jacq commented that our Ha Long Bay cruise was cheaper than what her friends had.  Thus, we were wondering what the catch would be.  And aboard the junk, we found out what it was:  lunch was not much and drinks were not included.  It was a really good thing then, that we bought water with us.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

i bet this looks so much better in summer

On our way to our next stop, the tour guide pointed out the various rock formations on the islands that we passed by.  Everyone had a hard time looking for what the tour guide was describing.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Winter at Ha Long Bay

Our first stop after lunch was the fishing village.  There, we had to pay 120,000 VND each (60,000 VND to see the cave + 60,000 VND for a local to row the boat for us) for a 40-minute tour of the fishing village and a couple of caves with shallow water.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

floating fishing village

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

passengers getting ready to see the Indochina caves

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

there should only be 4 passengers per boat but we Asians could be so petite…

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

the Mario brothers kayaking away

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

the fishing village’s most beautiful house

After the short tour, we went back aboard the junk and looked at the symbol of Ha Long Bay: the Kissing Cocks.  Jacq and I had a riot the previous day about it because, WHY would they name it as such?  Apparently, as our tour guide explained, it started out as a man and a woman kissing.  Then this somehow evolved into male chicken who were still kissing.  Oh, well.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

the Kissing Cocks: the symbol of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

one more misty view

Our next stop was the Thien Cung Grotto.  We had to climb up 97 steps to a cave that was lit up with different colored lights, nicely highlighting the stalactites and stalagmites inside.  After another round of “do you see what I see”, it was time to leave the cave and go back home.

Thien Cung Grotto, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

colorful lights give a bit of pizzazz to the cave

Thien Cung Grotto, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

can you find hidden figures among these rocks?

Thien Cung Grotto, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

maybe we should do something like this to our local caves

Thien Cung Grotto, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

money donated by ladies who are in bad need/want of a boyfriend

Thien Cung Grotto, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The infamous Fairy Breast. Legend has it that your pair would grow bigger if you touch these.

We had another stopover on the ride home where I bought some cookies because my stomach was already complaining.  Then, Jacq and I had to switch coasters for reasons that we never found out and it was fairly confusing.  Then, when we got to the Hoan Kiem Lake, everyone started getting off the coaster!  We were supposed to be dropped off to the hotel but when I saw the pretty Turtle Temple outside the window, I also convinced Jacq to get off the coaster.

Turtle Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

the Turtle Temple at Hoan Kiem Lake

Ahoy, Hanoi! - chasingjayce.com

After walking around the lake, trying to capture a good shot of the Turtle Temple with our not-so-high-tech devices, we headed back to our hotel, wanting to have a taste of the famous Bun Cha at the equally famous Duc Kim Bun Cha.  Unfortunately, it was already closed when we got there.  Our plan B to eat at Pho 10 was also foiled because they were no longer accepting customers.  So, we ended up eating dinner at Mon Ngon where I had summer rolls and some apple juice.

Mon Ngon, Hanoi, Vietnam

Dinner time!

Thus the day ended and we headed back to the hotel to recharge.

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  1. The fog made Ha Long Bay look mystical which is also a nice scene but of course, a clear view of the isles is also really nice.

  2. WOW! i envy you,., wish i could travel often too. I love the stalactite and stalagmite formations.. they are awesome.

  3. The scene where you’re in the water approaching a cave-like thing is surreal. It’s like being in the movies! Great adventure in Hanoi. 🙂

  4. I’m really curious with tha Fairy Breast thing. haha. They should post testimonials if it works!

    • Hahaha! Yes, I think that would drive more tourists to the Ha Long Bay if they posted testimonials near the Fairy Breast.

  5. i have been to halong bay, its very peaceful and beautiful. and i love vietnamese food a lot

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