4D3N Hanoi Itinerary and Budget

In keeping with the tradition of posting a summary of my travels, here is the summary of our 4D3N Hanoi itinerary and budget.

4d3n Hanoi Itinerary and Budget


4D3N Hanoi Itinerary

Day 1  Hanoi Walking Tour

Arrival in Hanoi at 1:00am
Check in at the hotel
Breakfast at Sunrise Café by 10:30am
Hanoi walking tour:
Vietnam Military History Museum
Flag Tower of Hanoi
Ba Dinh Square
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Ho Chi Minh Museum (entrance fee: 25,000 VND)
One Pillar Agoda
Super late lunch at Pho Lan on Ong Ich Kiem St.
Temple of Literature (entrance fee: 25,000 VND)
Dinner at Quon An Ngon on Phan Boi Chau St.
Return to hotel
Booked Ha Long Bay day tour at the booking office next door

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Day 2  Ha Long Bay Cruise

Breakfast at Joma Cafe on Ly Quoc Su St.
Pickup by Joy Travels at 8:00
3.5 hour ride to the port with one stopover
Lunch on board the junk at 1:30pm
Floating village tour (boat ride: 120,000 VND)
Kissing cocks: symbol of the Ha Long Bay
Thien Cung Grotto
Return to port
3.5 hour ride to the hotel with one stopover
Turtle Temple at night
Temple of the Jade Mountain at night
Super late dinner at Mon Ngon on Ly Quoc Su St.

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Day 3  Water Puppet Show

Check out from the hotel
Breakfast at Pho 10 on Ly Quoc Su St.
French Quarter – Opera House
Turtle Temple in the morning
Temple of the Jade Mountain in the morning (entrance fee: 20,000 VND)
Coffee at the City View Cafe near the Hoan Kiem Lake
Shopping for souvenirs at the stores beside the Water Puppet Theater
Shopping for Vietnamese coffee at the Dong Xuan Market
Dinner at Dac Kim Bun Cha on Hang Manh St.
Another round of shopping at the stores beside the Water Puppet Theater
Ice cream at the Helio Vietnam Specialty Coffee
Water Puppet Show at 8:00pm (ticket: 100,000 VND)
Return to hotel to pickup stuff and go to the airport

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Day 4  Delayed Cebu Pacific Flight to Manila

4D3N Hanoi Budget

Budget summary

Items Paid in the Philippines:
Airfare:  4,096.11 PHP
Travel tax:  1,650 PHP
Terminal fee:  200 PHP
Airbnb Accommodations: 2080.50 PHP
Subtotal: 8026.61

Expenses in Hanoi
Transportation (transfers, taxi rides): 356,800 VND
Food: 774,000 VND
Attractions/Activities: 750,000 VND
Misc (postcards and clothes): 870,000 VND
Pasalubong: 800,000 VND
Subtotal: 3,550,800 VND or 166.89 USD or 7502.84 PHP

TOTAL:  15,529.45 PHP or around 350 USD



Breakdown of expenses

Airfare:  4,096.11 PHP
Travel tax:  1,650 PHP
Terminal fee:  200 PHP

Airbnb Accommodations: 4,161 PHP*
Airport Transfer: 16 USD or 353,600 VND*

Breakfast at Sunrise Café:

Banh mi op la – 25,000 VND
Cafe nau – 20,000 VND
Tip: 5,000 VND

Ho Chi Minh Museum entrance fee – 25,000 VND
Postcards – 60,000 VND (@10,000 VND each)

Lunch at Pho Lan

Pho Bo – 35,000 VND

Temple of Literature entrance fee – 25,000 VND

Dinner at Quon An Ngon

Banh Xeo – 55,000 VND
Cacao Sua Nong – 40,000 VND
Che Thach Tran Chau – 24,000 VND

Bottled Water – 10,000 VND
Clothes (pyjama and Banana Republic dress) – 810,000 VND

Breakfast at Joma Cafe

Multi-grain bagel with cream cheese – 50,000 VND
Regular macchiato con panna – 35,000 VND
Chocolate croissant – 35,000 VND

Ha Long Bay Cruise (inclusive of transfers, lunch without drinks, tour guide) – 22 USD or 460,000 VND
Boat ride in Ha Long Bay – 120,000 VND
Milk cookies at the stopover – 80,000 VND

Dinner at Mon Ngon

Fresh summer rolls – 35,000 VND
Apple juice 30,000 VND

Bottled Water – 10,000 VND

Breakfast at Pho 10

Pho Bo – 35,000 VND

Jade Mountain Temple entrance fee – 20,000 VND

City View Cafe

Special milk coffee with filter 55,000 VND
Cake – 45,000 VND

Postcard Stamps – cannot remember!
Water puppet show ticket – 100,000 VND
Taxi to Dong Xuan Market – 10,000 VND
Vietnamese Coffee – 320,000 VND
Taxi to Dac Kim Bun Cha – 20,000 VND
Pasalubong – 480,000 VND

Helio Vietnam Specialty Coffee

Pain au chocolat – 40,000 VND
Chocolate ice cream – 80,000 VND

Taxi to airport – 300,000 VND*

*to be split into 2

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4d3n Hanoi Itinerary Budget

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  1. Hi!! may i know how you book your tour in halong bay? and also your hotel too in hanoi? you have a pretty good budget tour in vietnam 🙂

  2. Hi, we booked our tour at the travel agency beside the hotel. You can also check out my other posts for more details: http://chasingjayce.com/ahoy-hanoi-part-2/

  3. Hey, Jayce! Thanks for posting this. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Hanoi this November and were wondering if we should spend all 4 days in Hanoi or if we should squeeze in an overnight Halong Bay cruise. Based on your itinerary, it seems feasible. But would you say that we will feel rushed and tired if we do that? 🙂

    • An overnight stay could be fun! The cruise we had felt relaxed and not rushed at all so it may be just like that for an overnight trip.

  4. Travel Hanoi need itinerary n budget plan. Pls email me,tq.

  5. Can you please give me the name of the hotel that accepted your middle of the night check in? Most of the hotels I saw does not allow check-in on wee hours of the night.

  6. Hi how did you exchange your money to VDN in wee hours?

    • There’s one open at the airport. We exchanged just enough before we could exchange money again since forex at airports are not always the best.

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