4D3N Coron Itinerary

Back in 2011, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines:  Coron.  And thanks to DIY Coron, we had a great itinerary which made the whole trip jam-packed with activities.  Here is a copy of our 4D3N Coron itinerary.

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4D3N Coron Itinerary

Day 1 in Coron:  Inland Town Tour

  • San Agustin Church
  • Municipal Hall and Park
  • Coron Souvenir
  • Mt Tapyas – a climb of more than 700 steps would take you to the summit where a gigantic cross and an amazing view will be the reward for all your efforts
  • Coron Harvest
  • Maquinit Hot Spring
Postcards from Coron

Mt. Tapyas’ 700+ steps

Postcards from Coron

Sunset from the peak

Day 2 Coron: Island Hopping

Siete Picados
Kayangan Lake – the clear, clear waters would fool you into thinking that the lake is shallow
Barracuda Lake – very creepy lake
Twin Lagoon – try swimming there to experience alternating cold and hot water sensations
Bulog Dos – sandbar and sunset island
Banana Island (overnight)

Postcards from Coron

Coron trademark

Postcards from Coron

Kayangan Lake

Postcards from Coron

Barracuda Lake

Postcards from Coron

Bulog Dos sunset

Day 3: Culion + More Island Hopping

Malcapuya Island ♥ – my most favorite island: the water’s so clean, the sand’s so fine and there aren’t a lot of people to ruin your peace
Culion Island
Lusong Coral Garden
Lusong Wreck
Tangat Wreck
Banol Beach

Postcards from Coron

Banana Island

Postcards from Coron

Malcapuya Island

Postcards from Coron

Culion Church

Total 4D3N Coron Expenditure:

≈P8100 including airfare

Contact Persons:

Guest House on Malvar Street – Ms. Ave: 09164123400
DIY Coron (tour) – Owen Ferrer: 09189854785

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