10 Reasons Los Arcos de Hermano Is Bulacan’s Place To Be

The Spanish have a certain expression that can be used either as a question or a proud expression of a great transaction: bueno, bonito y barato. Literally, “good, nice and cheap,” it encompasses everything that means “It’s a great buy!” For us Filipinos, the word is sulit; whether we are buying things or paying for experience, we are always on the look out for what is sulit. And what could be more sulit these days than a place that is not far from home, Instagram-worthy and has good value for money? On that note, let’s review Los Arcos de Hermano in Bulacan and see if it passes the sulit test.

10 Reasons Los Arcos de Hermano Is Bulacan's Place To Be Resort Review

1. Location

Barely an hour away from Trinoma, Los Arcos de Hermano is located just outside of Metro Manila, in. There is even no need to go through NLEX and pay any toll fee. It’s that close. No mind-numbing drive or ride when going to this resort.


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2. Parking Spaces

For those who drive like me, parking is a top-of-mind concern and it is always a salient feature wherever we go. Los Arcos definitely has this covered as there are plenty of parking spaces throughout the resort, whether you are there have fun at the pools or attending a function.


3. Cottages

Like any resort, there are plenty of cottages around the pool area. They are big, sufficiently distanced from one another and have plenty of power outlets for plugging in portable cooking appliances and other electronic gadgets. Best for day trippers.

4. Rooms

If a guest would rather stay overnight, Los Arcos has a number of rooms to choose from. These rooms are pretty basic – bed, air-conditioning, TV, toilet and shower – but it is important to note that the sheets are clean, the toilet flush works, there are hangers available, and the water pressure is great. They even provide guests with towels and complimentary toiletries like soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush. There are also pool-side rooms with verandas that are only slightly more expensive than the non-pool-side rooms. One drawback to staying at the pool-side rooms would be the loud music from the weekend bands might disrupt your plans of turning in early.

5. Pools

Los Arcos features two big pools: one for the kids and one for those 4ft and above. But only recently, the Serenity Pool has been launched so there are now more pools available to everyone.

6. Bring your own food

There is absolutely no corkage on food and drinks. There are even grills available for cooking that outing must-have: barbecue. Alcoholic drinks are allowed but are limited to 1 litter of hard drinks or 1 case of beer.


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7. Function Rooms

Need a function room for your event? They have it. They even offer coordination services should you feel overwhelmed with all the planning.


8. Chapel

Tucked inside Los Arcos is a very quaint chapel where small ceremonies can be held. Numerous weddings have already taken place there and it is no wonder as the place can truly transform once it is spruced up!

9. Team Building Facilities

Best for corporate groups who seek to hold their team building activities in a venue that is not too far away, where food can be brought in and team building facilities already exist. Los Arcos would even throw in a private pool if it fits your budget.

10. The Price

Yes, all these wonderful things can be experienced without burning a hole through our pockets. Los Arcos have different entrance fees to suit the different needs of the guests as well as packages for big groups.

Day Swimming (8:00 am-5:00 pm)
Adult (11-59 y.o.): P200
Kids (3-10 y.o.): P150
Senior: P160
Kids below 2 y.o.: FREE

Night Swimming (6:00 pm-12:00 mn)
Adult (11-59 y.o.): P250
Kids (3-10 y.o.): P180
Senior: P200
Kids below 2 y.o.: FREE

Overnight Swimming: (6:00 pm-5:00 am)
Adult (11-59 y.o.): P300
Kids (3-10 y.o.): P200
Senior: P240
Kids below 2 y.o.: FREE

So, if you are planning on a quick getaway from the city or looking for a place for your company’s team building, head over to Los Arcos de Hermanos Resort and it just might be everything you are looking for.

Los Arcos de Hermano
Corner School Rd., Paradise Farm,
Brgy. Tungkong Mangga,
City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
+63 (02) 565 67 42
+63 (932) 844 44 92
Email: losarcosdehermano@gmail.com
Facebook: Los Arcos De Hermano

—Reviewed with Team Aldous on March 19, 2016—

***all photos were taken using iPhone 6

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